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11. 12. 2014 | 20:00
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/Leauge Round/Pool D/5th game
Volero ZÜRICH - Eczacıbaşı Vitra ISTANBUL
10. 12. 2014 | 20:00
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/Regular Season/10th round
Spacer's TOULOUSE Volley - SAINT-NAZAIRE Volley-Ball Atlantique
17. 12. 2014 | 20:00
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/Main Round/16th Finals/Away Matches
CMC Ravena - Bigbank Tartu
10. 12. 2014 | 18:00
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/Leauge Round/Pool B/5th game
Azeryol-Baki BAKU - C.S. Stiinta BACAU
10. 12. 2014 | 19:00
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/Leauge Round/Pool A/5th game
Dinamo KAZAN - KPS Chemik Police ( W )
10. 12. 2014 | 19:00
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/Regular Season/14th round
Gubernya Nizhny Novgorod - Lokomotiv Novosibirsk
10. 12. 2014 | 18:30
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/Regular Season/14th round
Fakel Noviy Urengoy - TNK-BP Orenburg M
10. 12. 2014 | 20:30
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/Leauge Round/Pool C/5th game
Unendo Yamamay Busto Arsizio - Dresdner SC
10. 12. 2014 | 19:30
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/Regular Season/10th round
TOURS Volley-Ball - GFCA Volley-Ball AJACCIO
10. 12. 2014 | 20:00
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/Regular Season/10th round
NANTES Rezé Métropole Volley - AS CANNES Volley-Ball

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Rezende removed tumor from right kidney after WCH!

20. 12. 2014

Rezende removed tumor from right kidney after WCH!

Bernando Rezende has revealed for Brazilian magazine "Veja" that he had to undergo a surgery after the last World Championship, because doctors discovered that he had malignant tumor in the right kidney!

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BRA W: Ze Roberto - "To this day I can't sleep because of the World Championship" 20. 12. 2014 13:24 44 0

BRA W: Ze Roberto - "To this day I can't sleep because of the World Championship"

In the interview for Roberto Guimaraes, head coach of the Women's Brazilian National Team, admitted that he still can't get over defeat ...

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KOR W: Fawcett express 20. 12. 2014 11:20 150 1

KOR W: Fawcett express


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Full body stretching routine (VIDEO) 14. 12. 2014 11:30 473 0

Full body stretching routine (VIDEO)

In this video you will wee a lot of stretching exercises for your body. To get more flexible and supple muscles, try this every day for one week ...

16. 11. 2014 22:00 1259 0

Tips to build strenght for setters (VIDEO)


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FIVB and Brazil in tough conflict

Who is right?


Brazilian players and Federation

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KOR W: Fawcett express

Well done, I hope Nicole continue to be the best.

Honored Russian coach: “We need to get rid of foreign coaches!”

Moliboga will coach somebody untill they don't loose. After that he will be sent away, like they do in Russia always. And he will never be able to coach outside of Russia (dought he will ever have the b***s) and coach any foreign team! And would he ever get an invitation to do so...

Honored Russian coach: “We need to get rid of foreign coaches!”

Dear Mr Moliboga, I've been working in russian championship for last 6 seasons, as second coach and as physical coach, in Ufa, Novosibirsk and Fakel. I worked with Marichev and Voronkov for many years when they weren't coaches of Russian National Teams. I think it's quite stupid the phrase you said to the newspaper (and i hope it's just a misunderstanding of the journalist) 'The sooner we get rid of foreign coaches, the better for the Russian volleyball” as it shows much presumption and arrogance. Russian Volleyball, russian players and russian coaches learned a lot from foreigner coaches (not only italians, foreigners in general) exactly as we foreigner learned from russians. Sharing different cultures and points of view it's only a PLUS, in any circumstance, but from your offensive words I clearly understand that you have already all the knowledges required to lead a team. So in these terms, you don't need to learn anything new from now, till the end of your, i hope, long carrier in coaching. With respect Nicola Giolito


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