• What is Statistics?

WorldofVolley Statistic department is collecting statistic reports from around the world and classify them inside professional volleyball Players' Profile and professional volleyball Clubs' Profiles. 

  • Who imported this statistic data in my professional volleyball Profile?

WorldofVolley statistic department team is collecting statistic details from official Data Volley Match Report  .pdf files. We do not create it, we just collect it and classify it inside each professional volleyball Player and Club's Profile.

  • Can I trust this data?

WorldofVolley is not creating statistic, we are just copying it from official Data Volley Match reports from different championships and tournaments. Original scouts who make this data sometimes correct some details, but that doesn't change so much.

  • Where can I find a statistic data?

On Statistics page or in professional volleyball Player's Profile, tab STATISTIC, where all statistic data are imported by our WoV Statistic Department.

  • There are no statistic data for this player or club. Why?

There are two possibilities:

    1. The statistic sources are not available for this professional volleyball Profile. List of available countries can be found here.
    2. Get subscription to access this page. 
  • Where can I find a statistic data for the club?

Browse the professional volleyball Club's Profile to search for game statistic for each game that team has played.


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