• There are a lot of professional volleyball Profiles. Are they all managed by the persons they represent?

The Profiles database has more than 35,000 profiles of players, coaches, scouts, clubs, national teams and managers/agencies. Only small number of them are claimed or created by the real persons. WoV has created most of them collecting information from the internet and putting them together in one place so you can browse them quickly.

  • I have signed in on WorldofVolley but I cannot find a profile with my name in Profiles database. Where is the problem?

After you log in with your username and password, you have to create a Profile and become a member of Profiles database. Signing in on WorldofVolley is not enough.

  • Who can join Profiles database?

Professional volleyball players, volleyball coaches, volleyball scouts and also volleyball managers/agencies can create professional Profile.

  • How do I create professional volleyball Profile?

Before you join Profiles databse, please check if the Profile with your name and last name is already inside. Check also with simmilar characters.

  1. If your profile is already inside Profiles database, on this Profile click on CLAIM button (you can find it among the other small buttons). Prepare a photo of your passport, ID or driving licence. We use this photo to check your identity. Before uploading your photo, please read our Privacy Policy!
  2. To create new professional volleyball Profile, you have to sign in on WorldofVolley website. After you sign in, go to My WoV - "Account Settings" and in "Choose profession" select one: volleyball player, coach, scout, etc.. Simply follow the tabs of your new profile and add your details. Remember to upload your personal document so your Profile can be verified and become visible.
  • Why is WorldofVolley asking for my document?

WorldofVolley wants to be sure that you correspond to the person from the professional volleyball Profile. Like this we want to protect other users, but also to protect you. Some WoV Features are designed for specific databse members (ex. BPR only for players or Forum only for coaches). What is important to us is your photo, last name and name from the document. All other info can be covered.

  • Is it OK to have more than one professional volleyball Profile on WorldofVolley?

Yes, you can create another profile. But people searching for you might not be able to find you because of different profiles. Unfortunately, sometimes it happends that you'll notice a duplicate of some accounts. In that case, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will correct this problem. 

  • I have claimed my professional volleyball Profile and I have found some information inserted. What should I do?

WorldofVolley has created this profile with the information collected all around the web. Should you find some information incorrect, please report them and we shall correct them.

  • I cannot delete some data from my WoV Profile

User can import only some of the information. Some others are automatically imported from the other Profiles (ex. National Teams or Clubs Trophy Room). This information you cannot change. For any problem with this information, please contact us.

  • What do the TABs in my professional volleyball Profile consist of?

When you create new or claim existing professional volleyball Profile, you can see different tabs:

  • General - general information about you
  • Clubs - history of the clubs where you have played or you play now
  • National Teams - history of national teams for which you have played or you play now
  • Statistic - your personal statistic details (uploaded automatic)
  • Contact - your personal contact details (address, email, telephone, etc...) or if you have a manager/agency to represent, then you can see their details inserted
  • News - related news to your profiles
  • I have signed in on WorldofVolley. What are the small icons in the upper right part in main navigation?

Scroll over your avatar in upper right part. You will see small icons. They represent shortcuts of the special features of your WoV Community profile:

  • Settings - edit your details, change your avatar, decide about notifications, etc.
  • Messages (Inbox, Requests) - receive private messages from other database members or confirm Requests that arrive from the clubs, national teams or managers and VERIFY the requested connection with them.
  • Where is the Logout button?

Find it at the top navigation pane next to the other shortcuts of your Profile.

  • I am a manager and I have created a professional volleyball Profile. I want my contact details to be seen in professional volleyball Profiles of the players I represent. Is it possible to do this?

Yes, of course! First, insert all professional volleyball player's Profiles you represent in your agency/manager Profile. Then use the Invite! feature from your WoV Profile to inform all your players to join Profiles database. Once they join, they will be able to confirm your request and your details will appear in their professional volleyball Profiles. They will not be able to confirm the request if they don't manage their Profiles!!!

  •  We have created a professional volleyball Profile for our management agency and we have inserted all our players in our Profile but our contact details didn't appear in players' Profiles. What is the problem?

When you insert volleyball players in professional volleyball Manager/Agency's profile, a request has been sent to every player's profile. The players will have to confirm the connection inside their Profile's Inbox and then your agency's details will appear in players' professional volleyball Profile. They will not be informed about this action if they didn't claim their profile!!!


You didn't find the answer to your question? Contact us and we will help you.