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06. 11. 2014

Do you like libero's green outfit and new ball in CL? (PHOTOS)

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During the opening game of the CEV Champions league Resovia vs. Budvanska Rivijera for the first time the Mikasa MVA200CEV volleyball was used in an official competition.

On top of this, to follow on the launch of the CEV ‘Volleyball Way – Green Way’ campaign, all libero players wore green playing shirts to symbolise their leading role within their respective teams. Do you like the new ball and libero jersey?






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1 Comments about "Do you like libero's green outfit and new ball in CL? (PHOTOS)"

06.11.2014 | 10:29 |   Alice [unregistered]

1. Balls cannot be seen very good because all the colours of the ball and the court are so bright! With a blie colour before instead of green was much better! The TV will confirm this

2. Liberos can confirm: their shirt are made by DaCapo, serbian company working close with Serbian Volleyball Federation, the president Boricic put Mr. Avramovic who started 'Green way' campaign. Do you get the connection???

3. Liberos look disaster with new shirts, like the choose the wrong sizes of the shorts


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