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05. 07. 2016

Official volleyball rules PART 21: Playing actions – player at the net


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Yesterday we talked about ball during the volleyball match, but what about the players? What player can do during the match?



11.1.1 In blocking, a player may touch the ball beyond the net, provided thathe/she does not interfere with the opponent’s play before or during the latter's attack hit.

11.1.2 After an attack hit, a player is permitted to pass his/her hand beyond the net, provided that the contact has been made within his/her own playing space.


11.2.1 It is permitted to penetrate into the opponent’s space under the net, provided that this does not interfere with the opponent’s play.

11.2.2 Penetration into the opponent's court, beyond the centre line: to touch the opponent's court with a foot (feet) is permitted, provided that some part of the penetrating foot (feet) remains either in contact with or directly above the centre line; to touch the opponent’s court with any part of the body above the feet is permitted provided that it does not interfere with the opponent’s play.

11.2.3 A player may enter the opponent's court after the ball goes out of play. 

11.2.4 Players may penetrate into the opponent's free zone provided that they do not interfere with the opponent’s play.


11.3.1 Contact with the net by a player between the antennae, during the action of playing the ball, is a fault. The action of playing the ball includes (among others) take-off, hit (or attempt) and landing.

11.3.2 Players may touch the post, ropes, or any other object outside the antennae, including the net itself, provided that it does not interfere with the play.

11.3.3 When the ball is driven into the net, causing it to touch an opponent, no fault is committed.


11.4.1 A player touches the ball or an opponent in the opponent's space before or during the opponent’s attack hit.

11.4.2 A player interferes with the opponent's play while penetrating into the opponent’s space under the net.

11.4.3 A player’s foot (feet) penetrates completely into the opponent's court. 

11.4.4 A player interferes with play by (amongst others):

– touching the net between the antennae or the antenna itself during his/her action of playing the ball,

– using the net between the antennae as a support or stabilizing aid

– creating an unfair advantage over the opponent by touching the net

– making actions which hinder an opponent’s legitimate attempt to play the ball,

– catching/ holding on to the net

Players close to the ball as it is played, or who are trying to play it, are considered in the action of playing the ball, even if no contact is made with the ball.

However, touching the net outside the antenna is not to be considered a fault

PREVIOUS, PART 20: Playing actions – ball at the net

NEXT, PART 22: Playing actions – service 


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