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08. 07. 2016


Official volleyball rules PART 24: Playing actions – block

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Today we will write about volleyball block.



14.1.1 Blocking is the action of players close to the net to intercept the ball coming from the opponent by reaching higher than the top of the net, regardless of the height of the ball contact. Only front-row players are permitted to complete a block, but at the moment of the contact with the ball, a part of the body must be higher than the top of the net.

14.1.2 Block attemptA block attempt is the action of blocking without touching the ball.

14.1.3 Completed blockA block is completed whenever the ball is touched by a blocker.

14.1.4 Collective block
A collective block is executed by two or three players close to each other and is completed when one of them touches the ball.


Consecutive (quick and continuous) contacts with the ball may occur by one or more blockers, provided that the contacts are made during one action.


In blocking, the player may place his/her hands and arms beyond the net, provided that this action does not interfere with the opponent’s play. Thus, it is not permitted to touch the ball beyond the net until an opponent has executed an attack hit.


14.4.1 A block contact is not counted as a team hit. Consequently, after a block contact, a team is entitled to three hits to return the ball.

14.4.2 The first hit after the block may be executed by any player, including theone who has touched the ball during the block.


To block an opponent's service is forbidden.


14.6.1 The blocker touches the ball in the OPPONENT’S space either before orsimultaneously with the opponent’s attack hit.

14.6.2 A back-row player or a Libero completes a block or participates in a completed block.

14.6.3 Blocking the opponent’s service.

14.6.4 The ball is sent “out” off the block.

14.6.5 Blocking the ball in the opponent’s space from outside the antenna.

14.6.6 A Libero attempts an individual or collective block

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