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10. 07. 2016

Official volleyball rules PART 26: Game delays

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Let's talk about delays in volleyball.



An improper action of a team that defers resumption of the game is a delay and includes, among others:

16.1.1 delaying regular game interruptions; 

16.1.2 prolonging interruptions, after having been instructed to resume the game;

16.1.3 requesting an illegal substitution; 

16.1.4 repeating an improper request;

16.1.5 delaying the game by a team member.


16.2.1 “Delay warning” and “delay penalty” are team sanctions. Delay sanctions remain in force for the entire match. All delay sanctions are recorded on the score sheet. 

16.2.2 The first delay in the match by a team member is sanctioned with a “DELAY WARNING”.

16.2.3 The second and subsequent delays of any type by any member of the same team in the same match constitute a fault and are sanctioned with a “DELAY PENALTY”: a point and service to the opponent.

16.2.4 Delay sanctions imposed before or between sets are applied in thefollowing set 

PREVIOUS, PART 25: Interruptions in volleyball

NEXT, PART 27: Exceptional game interruptions


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