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13. 07. 2016


Official volleyball rules PART 28: Intervals and change of courts

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Let's talk about intervals and change of courts.



An interval is the time between sets. All intervals last three minutes. 

During this period of time, the change of courts and line-up registrations of the teams on the score sheet are made.

The interval between the second and the third set can be extended up to 10 minutes by the competent body at the request of the organizer.


18.2.1 After each set, the teams change courts, with the exception of the deciding set.

18.2.2 In the deciding set, once the leading team reaches 8 points, the teams change courts without delay and the player positions remain the same.

If the change is not made once the leading team reaches 8 points, it will take place as soon as the error is noticed. The score at the time that the change is made remains the same. 


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ITA M: Uros Kovacevic to join Trentino?

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