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02. 06. 2017

Transfers 2017/2018


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The latest volleyball transfers and latest rumors regarding the best worldwide female teams will be displayed on this page. For this summer transfer window, we have expanded the number of teams.


Feel free to send us any information about any player or team using COMMENTS below the article. We want to remind you that you can rate comments at the bottom of the article – more positive votes your comment gets, more there will be a possibility to publish that information on our website. If you send a comment as a registered user you will have an advantage compared to the unregistered users.

The information will be updated several times per day, including the transfers from worldwide leagues. Don't forget to use the #volleytransfers hashtag on Social networks.

Latest transfers, August 14:

22:48 CET - The sister of John Gordon Perrin joins Panathinaikos

August 13

15:07 CET - Saint-Raphael tie U.S. middle blocker and Belgian receiver

12:22 CET - Bauru engaged new setter

10:18 CET - Seramiksan bring young libero from Galatasaray

August 12:

22:00 CET - Canadian middle blocker continues career in Peru

August 11:

17:18 CET - Castillo leaves Bauru hanging, Brazilian club hire Puerto Rican libero instead

10:40 CET - Cuban attacker signed for Romanian champion

August 10:

21:06 CET - Teenage German receiver joins Monza

18:28 CET - Peruvian NT setter goes to France

August 9:

19:00 CET - Dinamo Krasnodar sign champion of Hungary!

12:35 CET - Portuguese blocker in OrlenLiga

11:10 CET - Romanian opposite returns home

August 8: 

16:35 CET - Colombian and Argentinian NT members move to Rote Raben

16:00 CET - Slovenian attacker remains in OrlenLiga

09:29 CET- Czech opposite in Bangkok Glass

August 7:

21:38 CET - Sakhalin hired Belarusian middle blocker

August 6:

19:25 CET - Cuban NT captain replaces Prostejov with Jaamsa

17:21 CET - One of the best players of Peruvian League moves to France

11:22 CET - The U.S. middle blocker continues career in Bundesliga

August 5:

18:27 CET - Legnano hire Italian U20 NT receiver

August 4:

15:00 CET - Boldini returns to Bergamo

August 3:

16:40 CET - Japanese libero moves to Schwarz

15:00 CET - Alba Blaj sign Cuban outside hitter

August 2:

22:17 CET - Moldavian receiver signs with Dabrowa Gornicza

August 1:

10:22 CET - The most famous transsexual player Tiffany close to joining Bauru!

July 31:

20:04 CET - MKS Dabrowa Gornicza sign Serbian receiver

July 28:

18:33 CET - Volei Bauru sign Cuban outside hitter

14:50 CET - Li Jo hired another Serbian player

July 27:

11:03 CET - Zarechie sign U20 World vice-champions

July 26:

20:23 CET - The experienced Cuban player will play in Manisa

11:10 CET - Suhl hired second American player

July 25:

19:33 CET - Budowlani Lodz sign Croatian player

08:55 CET - Pesaro hired new blocker

July 22:

15:36 CET - Pesaro complete opposite department by hiring player from Division 2

July 21:

16:44 CET - Pinheiros hire Le Cannet opposite and Superliga quartet

09:33 CET - Neriman joins Queenseis!

08:43 CET - New middle blocker in Casalmaggiore

July 20:

14:00 CET - Goncharova will defend colors of Sakhalin in 2017/2018

July 19:

17:10 CET - It's official: Legendary blocker Fabiana stays 1 more season in Praia

16:33 CET - Pesaro hire backup libero

July 18:

18:17 CET - Sakhalin boost their squad with Enisey libero; veteran receiver extends

16:10 CET - Monza make transfer bomb - Havelkova signs!

14:43 CET - Alba secure three more reinforcements - one domestic and two foreign

12:44 CET - Dutch NT receiver joins Dresdner

10:06 CET - Montenegrin NT receiver in Pesaro

July 17:

21:06 CET - Dinamo Krasnodar bring newly promoted Russian NT duo

19:08 CET - Proton tie two former Russian NT members

16:02 CET - Galatasaray officially extend with Bulgarian MB

14:27 CET - Neneca returns to Brazil

10:35 CET - Signorile in CSM Bucuresti

July 16:

19:02 CET - Novara setter goes to Pesaro

July 14:

21:30 CET - Belgian blocker remains in Italy

12:10 CET - Serie A1 rookies Legnano sign with foreign trio

09:32 CET - Puerto Rican NT setter reinforces French side Saint-Raphael

08:21 CET - From indoor to beach volleyball and back - Perry moves to Turkey

July 13:

21:00 CET - Schwerin hired libero from Italy

14:32 CET - Chemik loan talented MB to Division 2 team

13:30 CET - Foppapedretti tie Venezuelan receiver

09:42 CET - Serie A1 returnees Pesaro engage Belgian star

July 12:

19:37 CET - Casalmaggiore wave prospect setter and send her to Spain

18:13 CET - Dinamo Krasnodar engage Dinamo Kazan blocker and seal new deal with 2 players

15:36 CET - Halkbank will have 3 Cuban players on their roster next season

July 11:

12:31 CET - Volero bring Brazilian receiver

July 9:

17:14 CET - Bauru receiver to join Peruvian side Geminis

July 8:

14:28 CET - Imoco keep De Kruijf, say goodbye to Barazza

July 7:

17:25 CET - Volero found replacement for Fabiola

14:35 CET - Legendary setter Belcik stays with Chemik

13:27 CET - OFFICIAL: Sinead Jack 1 more year in Galatasaray

11:33 CET - Peruvian star Leyva close to signing with Scandicci




***Rumors! Players that have *** in front of their names are only rumored to join or to leave the mentioned club. To read full articles, please visit our TRANSFER RUMOURS and DONE DEALS sections. Also, check out MEN'S VOLLEYBALL TRANSFERS 2017/2018.

ext - contract extension

By clicking on roster button below, you will be transferred to the page with the current rosters of the teams.

( decline any responsibility for the comments published inside this article)

Vakifbank coach Guidetti (ext), Zhu (ext), Naz (ext), Rasic (ext), Sloetjes (ext), Robinson (Imoco), Melis G. (ext), Tugba (Besiktas), Gunes (Besiktas), Melis D. (ext), Aykac (ext) Hill (Imoco), Cansu (Galatasaray), Ozgenur (Nilufer) ROSTER
Fenerbahce Natalia (ext), Erdem (ext)***, Lloyd (Casalmaggiore), De Brandt (Bursa), Rahimova (Toyota), Cagla (Besiktas)***, Ezgi (Ilbank), Dicle (ext)***, Cakiroglu (Beylikduzu), Jerkov (Cannakale), Kim (Shanghai), coach Abbondanza (Casalmaggiore), Ergul (Bursa), Meliha (Eczacibasi), Grothues (Chemik) ROSTER 
Eczacibasi coach Motta (-), Beyza (Canakkale), Ognjenovic (ext), Guldeniz (Galatasaray), Simge (ext), Dilik (Fenerbahce), Meliha (Fenerbahce) coach Barbolini (Novara), Neslihan (Galatasaray), Ozdemir (Bursa)***, Kosheleva (Galatasaray), Gulden (ret) ROSTER 
Galatasaray Santiago (Foton)***, coach Guneyligil (ext), Neslihan (Eczacibasi), Buse (Canakkale), Kosheleva (Eczacibasi), Jack (ext), Cansu (Vakifbank), Rabadzhieva (Volero), Ruseva (ext) Leys (Bursa), Centoni (RC Cannes), Ezgi (-), Ada (loaned to Samsun), Oz (Seramiksan) ROSTER 
Rexona Mayhara (ext), Roberta (ext), Vivian (Brasilia), Gabi (ext), Carol L. (Rio do Sul), Gabiru (Osasco), Nati (Rio do Sul), Kasi (Rio do Sul) Buijs (Nilufer), Carol S. (Nilufer), Helo (Bauru), Regis (LKS Lodz)  ROSTER 
Osasco Tassia (ext), Bia (ext), Carol (ext), Tandara (ext), Paula (ext), Nati (ext), Lorenne (Sesi), Mari Paraiba (Volero), Fabiola (Volero), Zeni (ext), Ju Mello (Sesi), Neri (ext) Camila Brait (pregnant), Dani Lins (pregnant), Bjelica (-)***, Malesevic (Seramiksan)*** ROSTER 

Rosamaria (ext), Pri Dariot (ext), Karol (ext), Mara (ext), Leia (ext), Macris (Brasilia), Hooker (ext), coach Lavarini (Foppapedretti), Karine (ext), Gattaz (ext)

Jaqueline (-)***, Francynne (-) Naiane (Barueri), coach Coco (Praia), Renata (Alba) ROSTER 
Praia Clube

Fabiana (ext), Walewska (ext), coach Coco (Minas), Fe Garay (Guangdong), Suelen (Bergamo), Ananda (Pinheiros), Fawcett (Imoco), Andreia (Brasilia)

Tassia (Nestle), Michelle Pavao (Fluminense)  ROSTER
Imoco Hill (Vakifbank), Easy (Sichuan), Folie (ext), Fabris (Casalmaggiore), Bricio (ext), Melandri (Il Bisonte), Cella (ext), Wolosz (Chemik), Papafotiou (Mulhouse), De Gennaro (ext), Fiori (ext), Nicoletti (Monza), De Kruijf (ext) Mazzanti (Italian NT W), Ortolani (Monza), Skorupa (Novara), Robinson (Vakifbank), Fawcett (Praia Clube), Barazza (-) ROSTER 
Casalmaggiore coach Abbondanza (Fenerbahce), Lo Bianco (Bergamo), Sirressi (ext), Zago (Scandicci), Guiggi (Bergamo), Starcevic (Halkbank), Pavan (Shanghai), Rondon (Scandicci), Stevanovic (ext), Zambelli (Bolzano) coach Caprara (break), Bosetti (Scandicci), Lloyd (Fenerbahce), Fabris (Imoco), Gibbemeyer (Novara), Tirozzi (Il Bisonte), Peric (Barca) ROSTER 
Novara coach Barbolini (Eczacibasi), Egonu (Club Italia), Skorupa (Imoco), Sansonna (ext), Chirichella (ext), Bonifacio (ext), Plak (ext), Enright (Il Bisonte), Gibbemeyer (Casalmaggiore), Bisconi (Soverato), Zannoni (ext), Piccinini (ext), Camera (Sait-Raphael) Fenoglio (-)*** , Barun (Modena), Cambi (Pesaro) ROSTER 
Modena C. Bosetti (ext), Ferretti (ext), Leonardi (ext), Barun (Novara), Calloni (Il Bisonte), coach Gaspari (ext), Heyrman (ext), Pincerato (Bolzano), Montano (Chemik), Garzaro (ext), Tomic (Khimik), Partenio (Foppapedretti, pregnancy), Bisconti (Soverato), Garzaro (ext), Vesović (Telecom) Brakocevic (-), Belien (Bursa), Bianchini (Scandicci), Neriman (Queenseis) ROSTER 
Dinamo Kazan Samoilenko (Dinamo Krasnodar)***, coach Gilyazutdinov (ext), Startseva (ext), Voronkova (ext), Ezhova (ext), Vasileva (ext), Brakocevic (terminated), Podoshvina (ext), Kotikova (ext), Ulyanova (ext), Filishtinskaya (ext), Zaryazhko (ext), Maryukhnich (ext), Romanova (Zarechie)***, Malygina (Zarechie)*** Mammadova (Volero),  Isaeva (Dinamo Moscow), Podskalnaya (Dinamo Krasnodar) ROSTER 
Dinamo Moscow  Gendel (Krasnodar), coach Terzic (Volero), De la Cruz (ext)***, Goncharova (ext), Pankova (ext), Vetrova (ext), Babeshina (Uralochka), Isaeva (Dinamo Kazan), Makarova (Proton), Talysheva (Proton) Poljak (ret), Malova (ret), Bavykina (-), Markova (-) ROSTER 
Chemik Holston (University of Florida) , coach Gluszak (ext), Mirkovic (Telecom), Veljkovic (ext), Busa (Montichiari), Mędrzyk (Impel), Grothues (Fenerbahce), Krzos (ext), Smarzek (ext), Zenik (ext), Belcik (ext) Jagielo (Bielsko-Biala), Montano (Modena), Blagojevic (Developres), Werblinska (-), Wolosz (Imoco), Abramajtys (Opole, on loan) ROSTER 
Impel  Nichol (Stuttgart), Kaliszuk (Dabrowa Gornicza), Chojnacka (Legionovia),Trojan (Bielsko-Biala), Wolodko (Orzel), Szczurowska (Szczyrk), Wawrzyniak (Muszynianka), Stenzel (ext), Murek (Szczyrk), Lozowska (Wisla),  Mędrzyk (Chemik), Sawicka (Developres), Ptak (Developres) ROSTER 
Budowlani Lodz Grobelna (ext), Polanska (ext), Witkowska (Busto), Vincourova (ext), Grajber (ext), Twardowska (ext), Polak (Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski), Cutura (Nantes), Maj-Erwardt (ret), Pycia (ret), Beier (-), Tobiasz (Dabrowa Gornicza) ROSTER 
Developres Zabinska (ext), Sliwinska (ext), Helic (ext), Kaczorowska (ext), Gajewska (Trefl), Blagojevic (Chemik), Sawicka (Impel), Borek (ext), Ganszczyk (Dabrowa Gornicza), Ptak (Impel), Kaczmar (ext), Hawryla (ext), Rousseaux (Besiktas), Andrushko (Maccabi Haifa) Szczygiel (-), Szymanska (-), Flakus (-), Nickowska (-), Paskova (-), Mroz (-) ROSTER 
RC Cannes coach Marchesi (Battistelli), Grbic (ext)***, Jaksetic (ext)***, Gicquel (ext)***, Cazaute (Beziers), Kodola (ext), Rankovic (Le Cannet), Bland (Mulhouse), Beamish (Tirol), Centoni (Galatasaray), Ruzzini (Montichiari), Kloster (ext), Bauer (Bolzano)***, coach Tillie (French NT M), Zayasu (Hisamitsu, loan exp.), Bursac (-), Hutinski (Filottrano), Savenchuk (-), Dimitrova (Volero, loan exp.), Ortschitt (-), Mariana (-) ROSTER 
Mulhouse Markovic (ext), Herbot (Asterix), Abrhamova (Saint-Raphael), Divoux (Paris), Michel (Saint-Raphael), Love (Pink Spiders), Dannemiller (Schwerin), Rueda (Geminis)  Santana (Il Bisonte), Papafotiou (Imoco), Bland (RC Cannes) ROSTER 
Olympiacos Hippe (ext)   ROSTER 
Panathinaikos     ROSTER 
Volero Ajanaku (Stanford University), Lazarenko (Luch)***, Antonijevic (ext), Dimitrova (RC Cannes, back from loan), Todorova (Le Cannet), A. Lazic (Le Cannet), coach Anderson (Brasilia), Kornienko (Koniz), Samara (Alba) Mari Paraiba (Osasco), Fabiola (Osasco), Carcaces (Ageo), Akinradewo (Hitsamitsu), Orlova (Proton)***, Rykhliuk (Besiktas), coach Terzic (Dinamo Moscow), Malkova (Proton), Gizem (Bursa), Rabadzhieva (Galatasaray), Mammadova (Dinamo Kazan) ROSTER 
Prostejov Kovarova (ext), Herelova (ext), Nova (ext), Emonts (ext), Weiss (Dabrowa Gornicza), Kossanyova (Impel), Trinklova (ext), Horka (Dabrowa Gornicza),  Matienzo (Jaamsa) ROSTER 
Schwerin Scholzel (ext), Carocci (Bucuresti)  Renkema (ret), Brinker (Canakkale), Dannemiller (Mulhouse), Durr (Targoviste)   ROSTER 
Stuttgart Sandor (ext), Mlejnkova (ext), Stoltenborg (Ladies in Black), Daalderop (Ladies in Black), Pušić (Vizura) coach Naranjo (Targoviste), Nichol (Impel), Buakaew (Bangkok Glass)***, Kocar (-), Whitney (-), Grant (-), Pettke (-) ROSTER 

If you have any information about the latest transfers contact us using the contact form on our website or via comments below.


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2 Comments about "VOLLEYTRANSFERS 2017/2018 (WOMEN)"

06.06.2017 | 20:28 |   Maro [unregistered]

What is happening to Jordan Larson and Rachel Adams??

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06.06.2017 | 20:28 |   Maro [unregistered]

What is happening to Jordan Larson and Rachel Adams??

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