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20. 10. 2017

All volleyball free players in one place (Men’s and Women’s)

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WorldofVolley is trying to gather all free agents for the season 2017/2018 in one place, but we can’t do it without your help.


So, AGENTS and MANAGER AGENCIES, we need you to send us all free agents you have, both men and women, from any place in the world, so we can add them to the list below.

Fans, you have to help us as well. Send us the players that are seeking for a club, from your country and we will include that names on the list.

Let’s start with the MEN’S list, as we have already created the top 10 list:

David Lee (middle blocker, Ziraat)

Ivan Miljkovic (opposite, Halkbank)

Kay Van Dijk (opposite, Ziraat) - Paykan Teheran

Frederic Winters (outside hitter, Resovia) - Benfica

Tomislav Dokic (opposite, Bani Yas) - Kielce

Aleksa Brdjovic (setter, Arkas)

Ivan Komarov (outside hitter, Ziraat)

William Price (outside hitter, Istanbul BBSK)

Angel Perez (setter, Gigantes de Juntas) - Milano

Kamil Baranek (outside hitter, Paris) - Rennes

Aleksandar Minic (opposite, Jakarta)

Armando Danger (opposite, Arcada)

Arua de Faria Guimaraes (opposite, Leixoes)

Carlos Araujo (opposite, Bank Sumsel Babel)

Luis Antonio Guzman (opposite, Riseleh Sarafand)

Michal Kaminski (opposite, Jenuesse)

Samuel Holt (attacker, Ortona) - Lagonegro

Rodrigo Severino (opposite, Voleisul)

Zoran Jovanovic (opposite, Kifissias)

Danijel Galic (outside hitter, Skywalkers)

Milos Stojkovic (outside hitter, VGSK)

Nemanja Jakovljevic (outside hitter, Poitiers)

Pedro Siso (outside hitter, All Nasser)

Rasko Jovanovic (outside hitter, Partizan)

Edson Alberto Valencia (middle blocker, Ibiza)

Georgi Chalakov (middle blocker, Neftohimik) - Pirin

Humberto Silva (middle blocker, Sao Carlos)

Petar Turanjanin (middle blocker, Partizan)

Juan Camilo Ambulia (setter, Al Ahly)

Marcos Barbosa (setter, IRT Volley)

Ricardo Messias Silveira (setter, AVP Radio Club)

Leonardo Macias (setter, Besiktas)

Yadier Sanchez (opposite, Al Jazira)

Valdir Sequeira (opposite, Prievidza)

Tawanda Mafuva (opposite, UWC)

Ismail Moalla (outside hitter, Fenerbahce)


After you check the top 15 free agents in women's volleyball, scroll down to see female free agents for 2017/2018:

Sheilla Castro (opposite, Vakifbank)

Jovana Brakocevic (opposite, Altay)

Anna Werblinska (outside hitter, Chemik)

Giulia Pisani (middle blocker, Busto) - Filottrano

Aneta Havlickova (opposite, Scandicci) - Turk Hava Yollari

Joanna Kaczor (opposite, Impel) - retired

Ana Bjelica (opposite, Osasco)

Valeriya Mammadova (libero, Azerrail) - extended with Azerrail

Rebecca Pavan (middle blocker/opposite, Budowlani Torun)

Julija Milovits (setter, CSM Bucuresti)

Alessandra Petrucci (setter, Modena)

Brizitka Molnar (outside hitter, Panathinaikos)

Heike Beier (outside hitter, Budowlani Lodz) - retired

Yael Castiglione (setter, Dabrowa Gornicza)

Camil Dominguez (setter, Mirador)

Laura Dijkema (setter, Novara)

Sanja Popovic Gamma (opposite, Bolzano) - Samsun

Ana Grbac (setter, Alba)

Victoriya Delros (libero, Le Cannet)

Adriana Vilcu (opposite, Lillipu Settimo)

Neapola Nikolova (opposite, CSKA)

Aleksandra Vukovic (outside hitter, Anorthosis)

Bojana Martinovic (outside hitter, Zeleznicar)

Dragana Bartula (outside hitter, Vannes)

Ivana Vojinovic (outside hitter, Jedinstvo Uzice)

Dubravka Djuric (middle blocker, Jedinstvo Stara Pazova)

Emilija Milovanovic (setter, ZOK Dinamo)

Jelena Medarevic (setter, ZOK Dinamo)

Lana Dabic (setter, Spartak NIS)

Rachel Marquez (setter, Deportivo Anzoategui)

Olga Savenchuk (outside hitter, Cannes)

Kinga Kasprzak (outside hitter, HPK Hameenlinna)

Joanna Kapturska (outside hitter, Ostrowiec)

Magdalena Gryka (setter, Bielsko-Biala) - Azerrail

Falyn Fonoimoana (opposite, Trefl Proxima)

Judith Pietersen (opposite, Novara)

Eva Chantava (outside hitter, Fluminense)

Ivana Lukovic (opposite – CSM Bucharest)

Krystle Esdelle (opposite – A.S. Thetis)

Sonja Milanovic (opposite – Jakarta)

Aleksandra Jocic (opposite - Ostrowiecz)

Aleksandra Terzic (opposite – AO Thiras) -  Popsivo Polwan

Kanani Danielson (outside hitter – Lokomotiv Baku)

Marcella Saini (setter – Charleroi)

Oksana Rusachenko (setter – Kaunas)

Asli Koprulu (outside hitter – Salihli)

Bahanur Sahin (libero – Bolu Bel)

Muge Ocakci (libero - Bursaspor)

Yana Azimova Doroshenko (setter - Telekom Baku)

Carmen Turlea (opposite, Casalmaggiore)

Cristina Barcellini (outside hitter, Novara)

Valentina Fiorin (outside hitter, Busto)

Joyce Gomes 'Joycinha' (opposite, Bursa) - Canakkale


Don't forget to send us free agents, so we can expand list - use info(at)worldofvolley(dot)com or TWITTERFACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM


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14 Comments about "All volleyball free players in one place (Men’s and Women’s)"

19.10.2017 | 18:34 |   Pavel Penchev [unregistered]

Ivan Stanev (setter) isn't free agent, he is in Saipa (Teheran, Iran)

+0            0-
25.10.2017 | 13:42 |   melvin Gwanzura

Tawanda Mafuva is from Zmbabwe

+0            0-
19.10.2017 | 18:52 |   Hola [unregistered]

Olga Savenchuk, Kinga Kasprzak, Joamna Kapturska, Magdalena Gryka, Falyn Fonoimoana, Judith Pietersen

+0            0-
19.10.2017 | 21:45 |   Hilo [unregistered]

Re: @Hola
Piertson is just taking this season off as she needs a break

+1            0-
19.10.2017 | 18:53 |   aaa [unregistered]

Kaczor, Beier - end of career.

+0            0-
20.10.2017 | 06:39 |   Palanivel maruthamuthu, [unregistered]

Great step to develop Volleyball as a role of free agent. Best wishes.

+1            0-
20.10.2017 | 06:45 |   PALANIVEL MARUTHAMUTHU, [unregistered]

Good step to identify through the free agent any one should nos missing on the globe. Superb.

+0            0-
20.10.2017 | 06:51 |   PALANIVEL MARUTHAMUTHU, [unregistered]

Good step to develop Volleyball through this free agent, because no one should not missing the player on the global.

+0            0-
20.10.2017 | 09:10 |   Balkanac [unregistered]

A many of them has already found the team.

+0            0-
24.10.2017 | 17:35 |   aaa [unregistered]

Magdalena Gryka (setter) - Azerrail Baku

+0            0-
25.10.2017 | 01:47 |   Ivan T. [unregistered]

WorldofVolleybal, can you guys find out why Ana Bjelica and Laura Djkema have not signed with any club yet? Thank you.

+1            0-
30.10.2017 | 19:26 |   Pavel Penchev [unregistered]

Georgi Chalakov (middle blocker, Neftohimik) is in Pirin (Razlog, Bulgaria)

+0            0-
31.10.2017 | 11:47 |   M [unregistered]

Valentina Fiorin (Outside Hitter, Busto Arsizio)
Cristina Barcellini (Outside Hitter, Novara)
Carmen Turlea (Opposite, Casalmaggiore) - Retired?

+1            0-
01.11.2017 | 19:35 |   Flipflip [unregistered]

Kamil Baranek has just signed to Rennes (First French Division).

+1            0-
07.11.2017 | 04:26 |   Popo [unregistered]

Tamara Susic (MB, CRO)?

+3            0-
17.11.2017 | 12:19 |   Peter weber [unregistered]

Laura Unternährer - Volero Zürich

+0            0-

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