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03. 11. 2017

Management of TIME OUT by Daniel Castellani (PART 4)

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Daniel Castellani, the experienced Argentine coach, is sharing with volleyball fans how to deal with the team during the time-outs and technical breaks.


In Part 1 you could learn "How to organize TIME-OUT", while in Part 2, Castellani explained "What is the best moment to call for TIME-OUT"

Now, it's time for „The previous elaboration of clear ideas“!

During the time-out, you’ve definitely heard words such as CONCENTRATION, AGGRESSIVITY, DESTRUCTION, PRESSURE… These words reflect what happens in the game. The difference is that there can be obvious words that can generate adverse effects on athletes or the words that contain a large number of the information which gives players the tools to deal with those situations in the best possible way. The words such as CONCENTRATION, AGGRESSIVITY, DESTRUCTION, PRESSURE have become the keywords that summarize those situations and help the players to overcome the problems.

I’ll give an example – the word CONCENTRATION means we are a FIRE, we need to stay focused. Sometimes, for different reasons, the player loses this condition and changes the focus and some situation on the court surprises him and he can’t give the right answer.

For this, I use a diagram that shows an orientation model for perception and awareness, which I call “Here and Now”. It is a graph, that is created by the doctor and psychologist Richard Moss – the five states of the conscience in relation to “HERE and NOW”.

Once the job is done, the players have the efficient and fast tools to regain the focus. The idea is – we can only act in the present. If I can make you stay in the present, I gave you the tools to go back in the CENTER and give you all energy. Once the players have it, they can exercise these situations (ex, 6 good consecutive receptions, 5/6 attacks off the ball with good reception).

Which exercise the player should use depends on the problem that has been identified. If it is a loss of the concentration, the players have the tool to deal with it. It’s the word CONCENTRATION, used in a timeout and it stops being only a word…


PREVIOUS: Quick analysis on TIME-OUT“ (PART 3)

NEXT: What we do, how and when we talk (PART 5)


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