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31. 12. 2017

WoV Player Of The Year: Zhu Ting!

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For the second time in a row, Zhu Ting has become the WoV player of the year in the women’s competition!


The fans from all over the world have chosen the Chinese player for the best player in 2017.

During these 13 days, she received 128,624 votes or 57,54 %, winning the poll ahead of Tijana Boskovic, who also received so many votes – 85,067 (38,05%).

This year has been great for Zhu Ting. She is the queen of the MVP awards as she was the MVP of two most important international competitions at the club’s level: CEV Champions League MVP and MVP and Best outside spiker of the 2017 FIVB Club World Championship.

With the national team, she was awarded MVP and best outside spiker of the FIVB World Grand Champions Cup and best outside spiker of the FIVB World Grand Prix.


Recall that Zhu Ting was the best player in 2016! In the men's competition, Sada Cruzeiro's star won the contest!

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3 Comments about "WoV Player Of The Year: Zhu Ting!"

01.01.2018 | 12:44 |   Sorin Acela [unregistered]

As silly as usually!! Such 'voting' is plain stupid, because in reality it's a contest of 'who has more fans'. Well... speaking about China! ;)
Next year maybe you decide to make it professionally and rely on cold statistics and on the unbalanced opinion of the experts!

+1            10-
02.01.2018 | 10:35 |   Shawn [unregistered]

For Sorin Acela [unregistered], If Chinese volley fans can vote freely, Zhu Ting could receive 128,624,000 votes or 99,99% votes. Because there is some internet technical limit for WOV and vote, many Chinese fans couldn't vote, so most votes for Zhu Ting was from fans and experts of other countries. You can find Zhu awarded best play in Turkey which was choosen by local people, you can find Zhu awarded so many champion and MVP, this is best statistics.

+8            1-
03.01.2018 | 16:49 |   elaine [unregistered]

zhu is fantastics in all aspects than others. her blocking and defense is far more better than boscov.

+4            1-

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