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24. 06. 2016

BRA M: Bernardo Rezende about time limit of volleyball games

Source: Photo: FIVB

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Time limit in volleyball. That is a topic that will definitely raise much noise the days to come.


Recall that FIVB is considering to make a major change in volleyball, by introducing a time limit for every volleyball match to 1 hour and 45 minutes. Of course, this revolutionary change has not been confirmed yet and it is a big question whether the FIVB will ever approve it. Still, it is a topic that should definitely be discussed in the volleyball world.

Therefore, we asked one of the best volleyball coaches on the planet Bernardo Rezende to give us his comment about the "time limit" rule that might be introduced in our sport. This is what the famous Brazilian expert said for WorldofVolley.   

"I do not comment anything about the FIVB. If I comment anything they will probably suspend me. I just have the feeling that they think too much about the entertainment, and they think very little about the main thing - about players and about the essence of volleyball." 

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