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19. 02. 2018

Canoas fans shout „Thieves, thieves“ to refs, one of them wants to settle score with umpire (VIDEO)

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The lack of video challenge system in the Brazilian men’s championship Superliga once again proved to be fatal for regularity of the competition.

Nearly every big match in the 2017/18 Superliga, so far, was marked with complaints of players and coaches on the referee’s calls. And no matter how some referee’s mistakes are obvious, it is hard for them to make most of them without the help of the video challenge system, which is not yet implemented in one of the strongest national championships in the world such as Brazilian.

The latest example came from Lebes/Canoas vs. Sesc-RJ game, in which referee failed to see the block touch of Sesc player. The replay showed it occurred. Further development led to the red card for Canoas player and, ultimately, to the controversial win of Sesc. Canoas fans expressed their opinion, by shouting „Thieves, thieves“ to both referees. One of them even wanted to settle a score with the umpire...


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1 Comments about "Canoas fans shout „Thieves, thieves“ to refs, one of them wants to settle score with umpire (VIDEO)"

20.02.2018 | 09:58 |   Sorin Acela [unregistered]

No, the replay did not confirm anything! Bad video quality.

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21.02.2018 | 17:26 |   M.Wong [unregistered]

Re: @Sorin Acela
I hope that the Superliga will include the challenge system in next season. I feel that almost every Superliga match I watch has at least one controversial call, especially with ball in/out.

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