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14. 04. 2018

BRA W: Ze Roberto called the first 10 players for preparation


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Next week the women’s National team of Brazil will start with the preparation for the busy summer 2018.


Coach  Ze Roberto has called the first 10 players to join him at the training for the FIVB League of Nations and for the FIVB World Championship in Japan.

Players will start with the training on Tuesday at the Volleyball center for development in Saquarema. The called players are Macris Fernanda Silva Carneiro and Fabiola De Souza Alves (setters), Tandara Alves Caixeta (opposite), Thaisa Daher De Menezes, Ana Carolina da Silva, Adenizia Ferreira Da Silva Ana Beatriz Correa and Mara Ferreira Leão (blockers), Rosamaria Montibeller (attacker) and Leia da Silva Nicolosi (libero).

Natalia Zilio Pereira will miss the first part of the preparation due to a knee problem.


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1 Comments about "BRA W: Ze Roberto called the first 10 players for preparation"

14.04.2018 | 17:35 |   Dominika [unregistered]

What about Jaque? Is she going to play for national team this year?

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18.04.2018 | 02:48 |   Marco Guimarães [unregistered]

Re: @Dominika
Yes....she´ll be called as libero same as her husband.

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