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15. 04. 2018

BRA W: Sesc-RJ took the lead in the final series

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The final series of the Brazilian Superliga for women has started and Sesc-RJ won the first match and are on a good track to defend the trophy.


A team of Bernardo de Rezende celebrated the big victory against Dentil/Praia Clube with 3-1 (26-24, 25-19, 22-25, 25-17) and now are leading 1-0 in series.

The second match is scheduled for April 22 and if result after that match is 1-1 the golden set will decide the winners.

Sesc-RJ are fighting for their 13th title but for the sixth in the row. In the last five seasons, they were dominated on the court against many opponents.

Drussyla Costa was named for the MVP of the match and won the VivaVolei trophy.


To see complete results, stats and standings, visit ouBRA National championship 2017/2018 (Female) page. 


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1 Comments about "BRA W: Sesc-RJ took the lead in the final series"

15.04.2018 | 21:43 |   lilnbigman [unregistered]

Brazil what a joke Praia is a much better club with great player's. It would seem tho they always let Secs win which is not good. Abby is easy to block and as rest of team well avg at best. So let's see if Gold set comes but it should be just as men's 2-3 3-5 match not 2 or nothing.

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16.04.2018 | 01:09 |   rivers [unregistered]

Re: @lilnbigman it is a strange format. Just like in football , double leg knockout round...the teams who play first at home have more advantage than the away teams . CBV just gave the advantage to Rio.

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16.04.2018 | 19:52 |   Clay [unregistered]

Re: @rivers
Not true. The 2nd game is the Final and Praia will host, which means they have the advantage of playing the decisive game at home.

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16.04.2018 | 20:51 |   rivers [unregistered]

Re: @Clay you don't get it. First game is usually the best advantage because you made a win already. Even at home... the second game is a psychological pressure especially coming after a loss.
It's an absurd format. Best of 3 or 5 or an all or nothing final is better than a double leg final.

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16.04.2018 | 23:43 |   Clay [unregistered]

Re: @rivers
The higher ranked seed has the right to choose if they want to play the first game at home or not. Almost always the higher ranked seed team choose to play the first game at home, just like the quaterfinals best of 3 Praia Clube,Minas and Osasco all played the first game at home and the second game on the road. And the same thing for semifinals. But Bernardinho always prefer the other way, he prefers the first game on the road and then plays the 2nd game at home. (They played first game in Pinheiros and 2nd game in Rio). Semis they played first game in Minas and 2/3 games in Rio. While Praia Clube played game 1 in Uberlandi, Game 2 in Osasco, 3 in Uberlandia, 4 in Osasco and 5 and final game in Uberlandia.
Praia Club had the right to choose if they wanted to play Game 1 in Uberlandia or Rio, and they choose to play Game 1 in Rio and Game 2 in Uberlandia. It was not CBV`s choice. This is the same for every other league Italy,Turkey,Poland, CEV and so on. Praia Clube finished regular season in first place and they earned the right to organize the Final game.

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