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17. 11. 2017


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In the past four years at the annual European Volleyball Gala, CEV awarded the best players and coaches of the Year. Because this event was not organized early, many big players were left without rewards. However, these are the winners of awards in the last four years:



Tine Urnaut (SLO) - Young Player of the Year

Gözde Kirdar (TUR) - Team Player of the Year

Margareta Kozuch (GER) - Most Spectacular Female Player

Earvin Ngapeth (FRA) - Most Spectacular Male Player

Francesca Piccinini (ITA) - Female Volleyball Ambassador of the Year

Sergey Tetyukhin (RUS) - Male Volleyball Ambassador of the Year

Antonella Del Core (ITA) and Vladimir Nikolov (BUG) - Volleyball Lifetime Achievement Awards



Jochen Schöps (GER) – The ‘Ultimate Volleyball Team Leader – Men

Lioubov Sokolova (RUS) – The Ultimate Volleyball Team Leader – Women

Mariusz Wlazly (POL) – The Most Spectacular Volleyball Player – Men

Maja Poljak (CRO) – The Most Spectacular Volleyball Player – Women

Goran Vujevic (SRB) – Volleyball Lifetime Achievement Award – Men

Eleonora Lo Bianco (ITA) – Volleyball Lifetime Achievement Award – Women



Nikolay Karpol (RUS) – Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his contribution to the development of women’s Volleyball

Stefanie Schwaiger (AUT) – The Most Spectacular Beach Volleyball Player

György Grozer (GER) – The Most Spectacular Volleyball Player – Men

Regina Moroz (RUS) – The Most Spectacular Volleyball Player – Women

Nikola Grbic (SRB) – The Ultimate Volleyball Team - Men

Neslihan Demir (TUR) – The Ultimate Volleyball Team Leader – Women

Emiliya Nikolova (BUL) – The Volleyball Champions League Newcomer of the Year

Mira Golubovic (SRB) – Volleyball Lifetime Award



Vladimir Grbic (SRB) and Malgorzata Glinka(POL) - Volleyball Lifetime Awards

Osmany Juantorena (ITA) – The Most Spectacular Volleyball Player – Men

Wout Wijsmans (BEL) – The Ultimate Volleyball Team- Men

Victoria Ravva (FRA) – The Ultimate Volleyball Team Leader – Women

Jovana Brakocevic (SRB) – Newcomer of the Year

Julius Brink (GER) and Marketa Slukova (CZE) - The coolest beach boy and beach girl of the Year


We must say that the CEV never had traditional annual awards and that every year was something different.


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