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15. 02. 2017

ITA M: Fans swoop down on Zaytsev, President of Perugia says – „What do they want from him?”

Source:; Photo: Valerio Origo/

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When Sir Safety Perugia President Gino Sirci was in pursuit for reinforcements last summer, Ivan Zaytsev was his main target. ’The Tsar’ supposed to be the missing link of Perugia in their attempts to win the title in Italian Men’s volleyball Championship, Serie A1. Things are going according to the plan so far, but with many obstacles on the way.


When Perugia suffered a defeat from Lube Civitanova, at the beginning of February, which was right after they lost to Azimut Modena, some of the fans swooped down on Ivan Zaytsev on social networks, blaming him for these losses, which were losses number four and number five in Serie A1 for Perugia. Along with the early elimination from the national Cup, it was too much for the fans, who went all the way to making insults on Zaytsev’s wife.

Perugia President Gino Sirci is the best person to say something on this because the atmosphere in the club and among the fans has to remain calm, especially because they will organize the 2017 CEV Champions League Final Four...

“There are people who go on the Internet and pretend to be Perugia fans but make comments out of place. I know that the things that can go wrong in a season that seems endless. Zaytsev? What do they want from him? He plays without stopping for six years, between national team and championship, he has accepted a difficult change of role. He, like the others, played badly against Lube. They have some excuse for victory in Belgorod and the difficult and long trip, but they played badly. It is obvious that he can no longer score 30 points as Atanasijević, because playing as a receiver is different, and those who expect this do not know volleyball. We have to leave him alone and let him work,” Sirci stated for


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5 Comments about "ITA M: Fans swoop down on Zaytsev, President of Perugia says – „What do they want from him?”"

15.02.2017 | 21:15 |   Axe [unregistered]

He should think more about volleyball and less about show business, comercials and photo shootings

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16.02.2017 | 02:34 |   dee jae69 [unregistered]

i agree with Axe i think he is not focus on volleyball right now he play pretty bad like its not in his form

+0            0 -
16.02.2017 | 11:45 |   Tony [unregistered]

Most of you have already forgotten that Zaytsev was instrumental in the NT efforts to win the silver medal at the Rio Olympics. Don't worry when the chips are down he will rise to the occasion!!

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16.02.2017 | 13:55 |   Axe [unregistered]

@Tony First, this position is not his position. Actually, I don't know which position is his best because he is not either outside nor receiver. Second, pay attention to his efficiency after 20th point in each set. Terribly bad. And having support from his president will not help him at the end of the season next time they get elimination from a team similar to Piacenza in playofs...

+0            0 -
03.03.2017 | 03:12 |   bruno [unregistered]

you guys are just talking nonsense. talking like kids who saw a volleyball for the first time. YOU say you don't know which is zaytsev's best position? the guy started off as an outside hitter and was brilliant before making the switch to opposite where he became one of if not the best opposite. Bernardo Rezende himself affirmed that. the guy has a few bad days at the office together with his teammates and you are here talking about photo shoots.the guy is human and he is not ZAYTSEV for nothing. Playoffs are coming up, let's wait and see.

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