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19. 03. 2017

ITA M: YUKIIII! Huge recovery by Japanese player Yuki Ishikawa (VIDEO)

Source: Volley Latina; Photo: Volley - Latina

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As the season in Italian Men’s volleyball Serie A1 progressed, Yuki Ishikawa was getting more and more room to show his quality in Top Volley Latina.


And Japanese receiver justifies the expectations while trying to help his team avoid relegation. Ishikawa was the second best scorer of Latina in both play-out semifinal matches against Revivre Milano (1-1 in series).

But let’s put aside his attack and focus on this magnificent save in Game 2...


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1 Comments about "ITA M: YUKIIII! Huge recovery by Japanese player Yuki Ishikawa (VIDEO)"

21.03.2017 | 18:30 |   Abril Galindo

For me, Ishikawa is one of the best players that are currently with Top Volley Latina

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ITA M: Uros Kovacevic to join Trentino?

Re: @Andrea
You might be right but he is only 24 years old, and this is his 5th season in Italy (3 years in Modena and 2 in Verona). He is not attractive player, he looks clumsy but his numbers are not debatable. He is extremely intelligent player.
He was awarded multiple MVP titles during the season, he is 10th scorer of this season in whole league including playoff. Zaytsev iz 13th, Lanza 15th.

Djuric got injured in play off which was huge loss for Verona Reply

ITA M: Uros Kovacevic to join Trentino?

Re: @Alan
He is not for top 4 teams in Ita,every year he made show and points...untill play off where he is bad Reply