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26. 07. 2017

Ivan Zaytsev’s side of the story – “I would give a leg for the national team”

Source: SkySport24

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The relationship between Ivan Zaytsev and the Italian Volleyball Federation is not on a high level.


Their decision to expel him from the national team because of the sponsor issue has caused an earthquake in Italy. The “Tzar” has his opinion regarding this unpleasant situation, giving an interview for SkySport24!

Ivan, let’s hear your side of the story.

It’s a strange story and I feel a bitter taste about it. I’m disappointed with the way this story ended. I am sponsored by Adidas and I have a contract with this company, but this contract does not include the use of these shoes at home. There is a clause that leaves me free to use any brand of shoes, supplied by the national team sponsor.”

So, what happens when you usually join the national team, which has a contract with Mizuno?

I went to the national team saying that I will need a pair of shoes, designed in a basketball style. Why did I make the problem? I have to mention two things. The same sponsor tried to contact me to make a contract after the Olympics, but the negotiations didn’t end well because I had tried their shoes before they contacted me. My answer was very honest, saying that I do not find myself with their shoes. Simply, I didn’t feel good,” explains Zaytsev.

You had some conditions, but they didn’t fulfill them?

I had some conditions, we had various meetings and I wore my personal footwear until my requests for the basketball model of shoes were met. After a week, on the last day of my withdrawal from the national team, let’s say that they made an explosion in media. At the press conference, they announced that there is a problem with Zaytsev and the shoes and it comes out that I have to go to the national team only with the sponsor’s shoes.”

How did you feel after you got expelled from the national team?

“It was a pretty stressful situation. The other guys left while I’ve been told that I won’t go anywhere until my shoes physically arrive in Italy.

Have you ever stated that you will only play in your Adidas shoes?

Absolutely not.”

Is there a way to solve the situation?

“It is surreal situation, very difficult for me. I feel love for the nation and I can’t believe that I find myself living with such a problem, not being able to be a part of the group, not being able to talk with the teammates. I would have never expected to find myself in such a situation.”

Are there any things that you avoided to mention in this story?

I don’t know, probably. A question is difficult to answer.”

Was there a solution?

The solution was to find a shoe that perfectly fits for me. However, I had several physical ailments on the ankles, documented by the national team medical staff. I told them, that these shoes simply hurt me. We tried to change them, to find a solution but…”

Did any of the teammates contact you?

Only one. My desire is to go to the European Championship with the suitable shoes that don’t hurt me and to try to give a hand to the team. I still see this as a possibility. I would give a leg for the national team,” concludes Ivan Zytsev.

Recall that in 2015, Zaytsev was excluded from the national team for the first time, but for different reason.


See other news from Italy.

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5 Comments about "Ivan Zaytsev’s side of the story – “I would give a leg for the national team”"

26.07.2017 | 18:58 |   dee jae69 [unregistered]

lol zaytsev is such a diva B. duhhh. his interview is just spoiled brat kiddo

+0            0 -
26.07.2017 | 19:12 |   former_player [unregistered]

I stand corrected in my previous comment. Ivan did sign the sponsorship contract to include possibility of using any other shoe brand that national team is currently using.
I really don't understand why we have two different stories and people with hidden agendas. If Ivan has physical problems and need special made shoes, and Italian National team needs him as a player, made him damn shoes he needs so he can play at the highest level.

+0            0 -
26.07.2017 | 19:26 |   Pablo [unregistered]

He`s a Diva!....

+0            0 -
27.07.2017 | 08:40 |   Deez nutz [unregistered]

Let him back

+0            0 -
27.07.2017 | 18:44 |   Seyman [unregistered]

Let him go !!!

+0            0 -

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