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27. 07. 2017

ZAYTSEV'S CASE: Medical staff announces detailed report

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The Ivan Zaytsev case is getting a new chapter…


After the interview that Zaytsev gave for SkySport24, the medical staff of the Italian national team has decided to publish detailed report about the Mizuno footwear that didn’t fit Zaytsev’s criteria.

- July 15: After the first training with Mizuno shoes, the player complained that he feels pain and one of the physicians of the national team visited him to check the situation. Dr. Diego Gaddi, a specialist in orthopedic, found a problem with the tendon on the toe, suggesting a therapy for it. Therapeutic measures were performed by one of the physiotherapists of the national team (Dr. Sebasitano Cencini). No symptoms related to the player’s use of shoes were reported.

- July 16: The player regularly trained with another Mizuno shoes model, referring to the ultimate sense of instability and pain that he felt while practicing. Even in this case, the first treatments have been made, continuing the therapeutic program set.

- July 17: During the day off from workouts, the meeting between two sides was held, where the physiotherapist Dr. Davide Lama, reported the problem, suggesting some solutions, which means a use of a personalized orthosis footbed that could optimize foot support. This solution has not been taken into account by the player

- July 17, during the evening: The player expressed his difficulty and insecurity even when lifting the weights, reporting it to the doctor responsible for the national team players (Dr. Benelli). In the presence of Dr. Cencini and some teammates he wanted to write a certification that refers to the impossibility to use Mizuno’s shoes in any workout, because they would bring risks to the player’s safety. The doctor reply was:

- the discomfort and difficulties described in the following request could not be related to the use of shoes

- It would not have been appropriate to make a certificate indicating the use of new shoes to avoid the risk from the injury. It could be said that the player reported discomfort and sense of insecurity without objective clinical-functional findings

- After performing the first therapeutic measures based on the player’s reported symptoms the medical staff didn’t find any problems with the use of Mizuno shoes


Recall that in 2015, Zaytsev was excluded from the national team for the first time, but for different reason.


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2 Comments about "ZAYTSEV'S CASE: Medical staff announces detailed report"

27.07.2017 | 12:28 |   dee jae69 [unregistered]

see ivan is such a drama queen so many excuse

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27.07.2017 | 15:29 |   Bobo [unregistered]

I think that this story is bulsh....come on....this is not normal...all this news because of shoes!!!! Marketing marketing ...

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