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19. 04. 2018

ITA M: Stoytchev no longer at helm of Modena!

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Radostin Stoytchev is no longer at the helm of Italian men’s volleyball side Azimut Modena.


Modena published parting ways with Bulgarian coach Stoytchev after a year of mutual collaboration.

The SuperLega powerhouse did not reveal which reasons led to this, just thanked him for the work he has done with the club.

Modena finished the season by being eliminated in the semifinals of the national league playoffs, national cup and national Supercup, all three times by Cucine Lube Civitanova!

Recall that French player Earvin Ngapeth mentioned a disagreement with Stoytchev as the main reason for his departure from Modena to Zenit Kazan.


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3 Comments about "ITA M: Stoytchev no longer at helm of Modena!"

19.04.2018 | 11:17 |   pepo [unregistered]

Very good coach! It is shame of Modena!

+1            1-
21.04.2018 | 17:37 |   suisse [unregistered]

Re: @pepo
From what I know coach Radostin Stoytchev is not what a 'coach' needs to be nowadays .
Goodbye and dont coach in Italy again.

+0            0-
19.04.2018 | 14:41 |   former_player [unregistered]

Bad decision on Modena's part. Stoychev is a good coach with plenty of titles won. He got the almost brand new team this year, and it takes more than one year to get cohesive and high performing unit. Look at the Trentino, they have same problems. Two best teams in the league are Lube and Perugia and they had same core team players for years.
Plus he had Ngapeth who was causing the problems. He is a good player but completely unpredictable, and he plays when he feels like it. Unlike Juantorena who you can count on to perform either well or extremely well. Ngapeth complained about Stoychev and not having the freedom to play as he wants. I can't wait to see what he will say after he moved to Zenit because I highly doubt that Alekno will let Ngapeth do whatever he wants.

+3            1-
20.04.2018 | 19:27 |   Rock [unregistered]

American setter Christenson to Modena and Zaytsev already signed too to play his natural Opposite position. No way Perugia can afford 3 players over half a million each. Bruno to Lube? Italian League is really improving

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