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14. 11. 2017

POL M: One of candidates to take over Polish Men’s NT doesn’t like the way Federation chooses new head coach

Source:; Photo: Częstochowa SSA

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The Polish Volleyball Federation (PZPS) invited candidates to compete for taking over the Men’s national team at the end of October. A deadline for submitting an application is November 20.


The PZPS sent an e-mail to candidates asking them to prepare a short and long-term concept of working with the national team, define goals and assess current and future potential of the players. One of the candidates for this position does not like the way this competition was conceived.

“Honestly, I must say that I don’t fully understand the content of the message from the PZPS. I will have to call Warsaw...There are no goals that PZPS puts for the new coach. And, in my opinion, it’s the fundamental thing. If they are hoping that current team - I say theoretically – will win the gold medal in next year’s World Championship, then you need to prepare a different plan than if they were counting on the gold medal only in the Olympic Games in Tokyo and thus, wave the success for three years. Right?,” Krzysztof Stelmach said in an interview for the „WP SportoweFakty“.

„Everyone will say that their goal is to win the World Championship, the World Cup, and the Olympic Games. It doesn’t make sense. This is a contest of promises without cover or real goals. Let’s go back to the ground. Let the federation tell me what it requires of me, and then I will answer if I am able to take a position and carefully plan the action. After all, when one accepts the work, he imposes obligations and goals,“ AZS Częstochowa coach added.


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2 Comments about "POL M: One of candidates to take over Polish Men’s NT doesn’t like the way Federation chooses new head coach"

14.11.2017 | 13:02 |   RevanExtasis [unregistered]

Poland want things but they dont have the team to do so and one of the main problems is the leader, they dont have a player that carry the team and for sure u cant count with Kurek and Kubiak who best year have been passed, now they play for money in Japan and Turkey they dont look for a challenge at this point of their carrer, they want a future after sport and i tottally understand, the answer is Leon, if they can create a team around the best player of the world they can have everything, France have Ngapeth, yeah Le Roux is good and Clevenot also is improving with Boyer but u need a leader if not, will be a ship withouth captain every team has one, Lose like that in the EuroVolley was bad, sorry for the polish fans but true is the true.

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14.11.2017 | 13:50 |   Kill [unregistered]

Kubiak is working like agent helping his agency to sign his teammates and they pay him for this..

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