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14. 02. 2018

POL M: Łuczniczka player, who was caught using doping, chooses not to send B sample for testing

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The Polish volleyball player from the Plus Liga club Łuczniczka Bydgoszcz who was caught using doping, Jakub Rohnka, waived his right to send the B sample for testing.


As Polsat Sport learned from the director of the Polish Anti-Doping Agency (POLADA), Rohnka will wait for the decision of its disciplinary committee in regard to his doping case, without previously sending the B sample for testing.

„The athlete did not use the opportunity to examine the B sample, so we proceed to the appropriate stage of disciplinary proceedings. The date of the hearing is scheduled for February 28. The player will probably submit explanations and, based on that, the disciplinary panel will make the appropriate decisions,“ the POLADA official said.

He added that Rohnka is not obliged to appear in person at the disciplinary panel meeting. He may also submit his explanations in a different form, for example by phone or via video call. If, however, he resigns from participating in the meeting at all, this would mean he accepted a two-year disqualification.

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