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20. 04. 2017

CEV Volleyball Champions League 2016/2017 W

F4 in Treviso: Dinamo Moscow - The most successful volleyball club in Europe

Source: Photo: CEV

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All other participants of the 2016/17 CEV Champions League Final Four have 3 titles altogether... At the same time, Dinamo Moscow have 11 Champions League trophies in their cupboard!


Dinamo Moscow is the most successful women's volleyball club in Europe. It is that simple. This team have won 11 Champions League trophies (competition record) and 18 national titles in Russia, counting the USSR era.

Dinamo Moscow have established quite a domination in European volleyball back in the 60s and 70s. They won all of their 11 Champions League trophies in just 17 years, from 1960 to 1977!

But, then the club faced a tough period. The Russian powerhouse even seized to exist in 1992 and remained in "sleep mode" until 2004 when the club was reestablished. Of course, everyone expected that the European giant will quickly come back to the throne, however Dinamo Moscow haven't succeeded in winning any Champions League title ever since.

They were close in 2007 and 2009, but in both occasions they suffered a tie-break defeat in the competition finals. And both time they were defeated by the Italian team.

Now Dinamo have another chance to break their own record and to win the 12th trophy in the CEV Champions League. But, on that road they will once again play against the Italian team... The Russians will face the hosts of the Final Four Imoco Volley Conegliano already the semi-finals.

Will they now finally manage to get past the Italian team? The competition top scorer Nataliya Goncharova and her teammates firmly believe that they can do that.  

Find out some facts about VakıfBank İstanbul and about Eczacıbaşı VitrA İstanbul, who will face each other in the first semifinal.

Also, read the article about Imoco Volley Conegliano.

See STATS & VIDEOS from women's Champions League 2016/2017. 

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WoV making list of suggestions on how to make volleyball rules clearer for the fans – Give us a hand!

1. Let coach go inside the court during period of no play ALWAYS
2. Let players speek freely with referee
3. Put fans closer to the court
4. Let teams' coaches discuss more close one to another
5. Make players warm up any place behind bench
6. Make space outside of 9x9 court smaller so players go often to save the ball into the fans
7. Change LED ads positions. Looks like players are untouchable...
Do you want more?;) Reply

WoV making list of suggestions on how to make volleyball rules clearer for the fans – Give us a hand!

Re: @dghfbaa
Indonesie, India and Cameroon, they are so weak., do you think Brazil, Russia and Italy for example would want to play against them? Of course not. Reply

WoV making list of suggestions on how to make volleyball rules clearer for the fans – Give us a hand!

Re: @Freeman that same problem counts for ball in/out, foot over/on the line and ball-touches. The problem is not the rule, it is the availability and the costprice of the technology to organize a challenge-system. Normally, as technology progresses, the challenge-system will become cheaper over time and more competitions on more levels will be able to afford it.