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10. 01. 2017

CEV Volleyball Champions League 2016/2017 W

CL W: Sloetjes – “Eczacibasi have a well-balanced team, but we can beat them”


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The Dutch volleyball star Lonneke Sloetjes has commented on the upcoming game in the CEV Champions league against Eczacibasi.


“Eczacibasi have a well-balanced team. It won’t be an easy game. It also depends on many factors that happen that day. It’s very difficult to predict which team will be morally higher, but we showed in the last game how far we can go. This team is consisted of 15 good players, not just 4-5. We have full confidence in ourselves and I believe that we can win this game,” says Lonneke Sloetjes for


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1 Comments about "CL W: Sloetjes – “Eczacibasi have a well-balanced team, but we can beat them”"

10.01.2017 | 08:56 |   Tamer [unregistered]

Ruhsuzları yenin!

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