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17. 11. 2017

TUR M: Bulgarian NT opposite on tryout in Halkbank

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Velizar Chernokozhev, the Bulgarian National Team opposite, went on a tryout in Turkey.


A 22-year-old Chernokozhev, who parted ways with an Italian side Sir Safety Conad Perugia this summer, will try to get himself a contract with Halkbank Ankara. He will conduct the training with the Turkish titleholders for a few days before club’s officials decide whether to offer him a deal or not.

Before joining Halkbank on a tryout, Chernokozhev trained with the team in his home country, Dobrudja 07 Dobrich.


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3 Comments about "TUR M: Bulgarian NT opposite on tryout in Halkbank"

17.11.2017 | 23:15 |   Bax [unregistered]

Again wrong info. Velizar signed contract!! No on tryout!!

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18.11.2017 | 00:22 |   Paolo [unregistered]

He will improve a lot sitting on their bench same like in Perugia

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19.11.2017 | 13:59 |   Peter [unregistered]

You never know. Maybe hi will be a firt oposit. Velizar is a very good player and person. I wish him evrithing tbe best

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