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15. 03. 2018

TUR W: Ognejnovic to replace Nootsara in Fenerbahce!?

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The interesting rumor is coming from Turkey.


These days, local media reported that in the next season will come to the replacement of the setters in three teams.

The most interesting is the change of the Eczacibasi setter. According to rumors the Serbian setter Maja Ognjenović will move to Fenerbahce for the next season while her current team Eczacibasi will hire Gamze Alikaya from Galatasaray.

Where Nootsara Tomkom will finish, we don't know, but something interesting is being prepared for the next season.

What will really happen at the end, we will see in May but until that, many teams will try to hire these three setters. 


See our sections - Transfers - Done Deals and Transfers - Rumors.

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8 Comments about "TUR W: Ognejnovic to replace Nootsara in Fenerbahce!?"

15.03.2018 | 16:17 |   Volleyball Fan [unregistered]

Hopelessly rumors, Maja can play anywhere else, but not in Fenerbahce. Alikaya doesn't fit Eczacibasi, it would be a bad, nightmare transfer.

+5            1-
16.03.2018 | 12:17 |   Tolguch [unregistered]

This is just a fake news! Where did you get this information from the 'local media'? If you can share your 'sources', we can have an idea about the reliability of this news!

+0            0-
16.03.2018 | 12:54 |   volleyball lover [unregistered]

I hope Maja would play in Fenerbahce. She is so talented, brilliant player and better than Nootsara. Sorry for Eczacibasi fan, but I would like to see her run for Fenerbahce.

+1            6-
17.04.2018 | 15:47 |   Nootsara is the best of the best setter. [unregistered]

Re: @volleyball lover

+0            0-
17.04.2018 | 15:54 |   Von [unregistered]

Nootsara is the best of best setter in the world.

+0            0-
17.03.2018 | 09:08 |   Nicky [unregistered]

Will there be Fenerbahce next season? If so they should find the good receiver one like Maret(?) for their team & Natalia is in her good health.
Maja is not the answer for this team.

+1            0-
18.03.2018 | 01:59 |   ST [unregistered]

If Tomkom is kept for next season (though that seems unlikely in my opinion). Fenerbache should think of getting one of her younger NT member as a receiver/wing spiker back up. Even though they aren't as tall as their European counter part, they can receive well and attack too. I'm sure they would be cheaper to higher than most other European options or are they? lol...And they already have a connection with Nootsara, so maybe they can play some fast balls every now and then to score a few quick points too.

+4            1-
20.03.2018 | 14:19 |   rivers [unregistered]

Re: @ST Thai opposite like from China and sometimes Japan players are also receivers.
I don't believe buying one of Nootsara's teammates to receive will solve Fenerbahce's reception troubles. IMHO it will probably spark more problems for Fenerbahce as they will probably have less reception coverage and will endanger Fenerbahce to Vakifbank,Eczacibasi and Galatarasay's servers even worse as there is a great doubt Thai receivers are experienced enough in two or three reception system.

+0            0-
19.03.2018 | 15:53 |   zzailina [unregistered]

Nootsara can play with Kim Yeon Koung in Shanghai Team for next season.

+1            2-
20.03.2018 | 11:40 |   I love Fereira [unregistered]

Since Kim has left, Fenerbahçe's performance has continued to fall and it is not likely to get any cups this season. Fenerbahçe will have to bring Kim back for the next season. And because Tomcom is not good enough to run as a setter at Fenerbahce, it has to hire a good setter.

+1            0-
20.03.2018 | 13:43 |   rivers [unregistered]

Re: @I love Fereira Kim is getting older. Soon her level will drop as she aged. What Fenerbahce needs to do is to find someone younger to compete against Zhu and Tijana and become the next sensation because getting Kim back will not only be expensive but risky for Fenerbahce's finacial health. There's a reason she went to China. The european season is also tough on the body and staying in Turkey might just accelerate the decline so she's being cautious with herself.

+0            1-
05.04.2018 | 15:33 |   petar [unregistered]

I hope Tijana Bošković wont let it...they are same team.

+0            0-

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