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27. 11. 2017

BRA M: Monster blocking display of Cruzeiro’s Isac, consisting of 9 ACES, marks Round 8 of Superliga

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Round 8 of the Brazilian Men’s Volleyball Championship Superliga was full of intense matches. Four of a total of six encounters ended with the tiebreak!


This caused several outstanding individual performances. For instance, the best scorer of Round 8 poured down 38 points, and it was Leonardo Nascimento from JF Vôlei. And what to say about 9 kill blocks from Sada Cruzeiro’s Isac Santos!

Top scorers:

Leonardo Nascimento (JF Vôlei) 38 points

Wallace Souza (EMS Taubaté Funvic) 27 points

Alan Souza (Sesi-SP) 27 points

Leandro Vissotto (Vôlei Renata) 25 points ...


Top blockers:

Isac Santos (Sada Cruzeiro) 9 kill blocks

Wennder Lopes (Copel/Telecom/Maringá) 6 kill blocks

Leonardo Pinheiro ’Leozão’ (Ponta Grossa/Caramuru) 5 kill blocks

Rômulo Silva (JF Vôlei) 5 kill blocks ...


Top servers:

Diogo Silva (Vôlei Renata) 5 aces

Robertlandy Simón (Sada Cruzeiro) 4 aces

Maurício Borges (Sesc-RJ) 3 aces

Lisandro Zanotti (Montes Claros Vôlei) 3 aces ...


See the complete statistics of the Brazilian Men’s Volleyball Championship.

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