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28. 05. 2012

RUS W: Evgenia Estes - in Japan I was at home


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She returned to the team in early May, the European education in Ankara. There came out to replace, substitute of Sokolova. Here in Tokyo, on the contrary plays without replacement. Until this year, Evgeniya Estes (Artamonova) appeared on the platform in the Russian national team jersey at the Olympics in Beijing. And now back. The second of her career. Indeed, on the eve of the 2008 Games too, returned to star spiker for the national team after a pause associated with marriage and childbirth. My husband Jeremiah and son, she flew from Ankara to America. Now both nearby arrived in Tokyo from New York.


- You play in Russia, but live, it turns out in the U.S.?

- Yes, I plan to live in America when I finish my career. The son will go there in the autumn to school, my husband got to work independently. He will coach the team of the University of Greenwich.

- And you, when will join with your men? How long will you please us with your game?

- Apparently, the upcoming season will be my last. I had similar thoughts a year ago, but received an invitation to the team, I have decided to postpone the departure.

- What’s the recipe for having such a long carrier? .

- The main thing is desire to play.

- In Tokyo, except for you, other attackers in structure of national team Russia are not present....

- I cope with increased responsibilities and workloads, although fatigue is felt. THE schedule of the tournament is you play two games, then have a day off.  We finish our games quickly.

- You debuted in the national team in 16 years, playing even for the Soviet national team. Gamova in 17. And both are still playing at a consistently high level. Why today there are no such examples? Trainers do not trust or the talent does not suffice?

- I think to play in a national team, the combination of many factors is necessary, certainly. Trainer's trust, for example. But talent is unconditional, it is primary. It is possible to be the good player, it is a lot of work, have the character, but if God did not give, time on the top level does not last long.

- What about health?

- Health of the woman who plays professional volleyball, as the years go. It is the objective situation. It does not change, but you must carefully monitor it, and if possible take care of yourself. My back problems doctors were able to solve.

- In national team you have paused first time for four seasons. The decision of the new national team head coach Sergey Ovchinnikov was a surprise?

- I was very pleased. Refusing appearances for the national team, I never thought of that. Former mentor, Vladimir Kuzyutkin, said that he would call younger players. Well, just so I could only play in the club. When Ovchinnikov called me, I had a great desire to come. I hope I can help.

- Intercontinental selection by tradition is spent in Japan. You have won in this country seven club seasons.

- For me to be here was good. My feelingfrom Japan - "I'm home!" Indeed, all that's right here I am at home. My husband is Japanese, many of my volleyball skills is the result of training with Japanese volleyball players and local experts.

- You mean the game at the reception, right?

- And the defense, and the reception. These qualities I have managed to develop in Japan. But the nature of the game in attack, it came out of my Uralochka Nikolai Karpol.

- In Japan, professional teams live on the schedule of their sponsoring corporations - spend all day at work. Train, eat, sleep...For you as a local league MVP, did they make an exception?

- I did not want it. If we are a team, we all live by the same rules. It was important to follow a common system. This is incidentally really pulls together to live on the "Japanese" standards.

- Did you learn the local language?

- No, I had a translator. In the mid-90s when I was playing for the "Toyobo" it was a Japanese journalist. Then, when I returned to Japan after three seasons in Turkey, Italy and Russia, and began performing in "Takefudzhi Bamba," I had help by one other girl.

- You were in six different championships, becoming the champion of all and having earned in total 18 various club titles. And what of them for you the most memorable?

- For me the most memorable event is the Olympics. Let one of them to win the gold was not possible.

- Why did our team when reaching the finals three times in Barcelona, Sydney and Athens, every time stumbled at the last moment?

- I have my own opinion, but I will leave it with me. And I do not consider our silver medals as bad result. For me, it's almost like gold. Each of them should be gained on trainings.

- Do you believe that in London the sixth attempt we will be Olympic champions?

- How to guess? First, let's get to the Olympics.

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