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02. 07. 2016

TWITTER INTERVIEW: Dijkema - "I always really admired Takeshita"

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Laura Dijkema, the first setter of the Dutch national volleyball team and the new member of Novara, showed us that she really enjoyed in #WoVChat. Yesterday, she answered many questions asked by our readers and had fun.


What is the craziest thing that one fan has already done for you?

"I appreciate all the fans and last week I got some travel speakers for my music! Crazy gift!"

What is your favorit flower?

"I love all kind of flowers! Of course every girl love roses, I like especially pink ones"

A game you will never forget?! And why?

"The European Championship final 2015 in Rotterdam, 12000 people in Orange, it was amazing"

How is your #babor make-up today?

"It's still on my face after one intensive training, so I am a happy girl"

What is your goal at Olympics in Rio?

"Of course I dream of an Olympic medal, but our first goal will be to make it into the quarterfinals and then..."

Which Japanese player you like to watch? 

"I always really admired Takeshita, she is amazing"


How was your overall experience in Turkey? 

"I really enjoyed the Turkish league, Ankara is a nice city and I made new friends who'll stay forever"

Which person from the Dutch team is closest to you??

"We are all very close friends, but Maret Grothues is my roomy and is always there for me"

Who is your favorite men's volleyball player right now (can't be from the Netherlands)?

"My favorite men's volleyball player is Nimir Abdel-Aziz, he is Dutch but I love to watch how he plays!"

What do you think, who are the favorites to get a golden medal in Rio?

"USA, China, Brasil, Russia... So many good teams! Difficult to choose!"

Would you visit the Philippines after the Olympic games?

"Unfortunately not enough free time, maybe after my career"

 In your opinion, who is the best volleyball player in terms of talent and having good attitude towards other players?

"Hmm... I know a lot, but Yeon-Koung Kim is very talented and such a great person to other players


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1 Comments about "TWITTER INTERVIEW: Dijkema - "I always really admired Takeshita""

02.07.2016 | 10:16 |   Jowsef [unregistered]

Of course she doesn't know the Philippines, so why would she even bother to come here even if she has free time..

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