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22. 10. 2017

Brakocevic for WoV – “I am waiting for something interesting”

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MVP of the European Championship 2011, CEV Champions League 2013 and World Club Championship 2013, the winner of the silver medal at Olympic Games 2016 in Rio, is still an available agent.


One of the best European opposites in the Women’s volleyball in the last decade, the Serbian Jovana Brakočević-Canzian is still waiting for a good offer for the new season.

After pregnancy, she played for the Italian Liu Jo Nordmeccanica Modena and in the 2017 CEV Champions League, she was the third best scorer including all phases (208 points) and second including the main phase only (128 points)!

In May 2017 she signed for Dinamo Kazan but because of the family reason, they parted ways.

MORE INFO about the player.

How's it going with your preparations for the new season?

I am in the training process although I still don’t have a club for 2017/2018. I am working every day because I want to be in a good shape” explained Jovana for WorldofVolley.

Did you have any offers?

I had some offers but I am waiting for something interesting for me. Honestly, it does not matter where I will play, it is only important that the club is ambitious.”

How do you handle your free time?

I spend my free days at the training and with my family. As usual.

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