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21. 11. 2017

EXCLUSIVE FOR WoV: Canadian wonderkind, Daenan Gyimah – “My goal is to play in the Olympics”

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Ladies and gents, prepare your palms and get ready to be impressed by the Canadian wonderkid Daenan Gyimah.


The volleyball world has already met him as we have published the video featuring his insane vertical jump. Let’s find out more things about Gyimah, who is also involved in music…

You are well-known by your crazy vertical. How people react when they see you during the warm-up sessions?

“During my warm-ups, I actually never jump 100%. I act like I’m going to, but never push off the ground. That way warms me up more,” says Daenan Gyimah.

Can you give some advice to those who want to improve the vertical?

“My advice would be to work on technique. My jump is based on the techique.”

The famous sports website Bleacher Report has written about you, asking literally “Why isn’t this volleyball player with crazy hops playing basketball?” – what would be your answer?

I don’t like basketball as much. I feel like there’s an extra dimension to volleyball.”

What are your career goals?

My only real volleyball goal is to play in the Olympics.”

Do you have some role models or favorite players in volleyball?

Justin Duff has always be my favorite.”

What would be your message for all young volleyball players?

My advice would be to make every rep and second count. Because they add up,” says Daenan Gyimah for WorldofVolley.


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