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28. 11. 2017

Federico Pereyra for WoV - "I will be ready if Julio Velasco calls me"

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Federico Pereyra is having a great season in a jersey of Lomas Voley.


Lomas have a perfect score so far this season (5-0) in the domestic league and their biggest success is the 3-0 victory over the reigning champions, Personal Bolivar. Federico Pereyra had a great contribution to the Lomas' achievements in 2017/2018 season.

You are having a great season in Lomas. What is your key to success?

The key to success is to go every day to the practice highly motivated and to try to improve all your weak things during the practice. I’ve changed my nutrition as well and those things help a lot to be a successful player.”

How does it feel like to beat the reigning champions, Personal Bolivar?

Well, it is always important to defeat teams like Bolivar or UPCN. This will be a long season but we know that if we continue playing like this, it will be hard to beat us as well. We are on the right path right now.”

Your team is in the 2nd place of the Argentine A1 League with 2 games less than the first placed team. Do you think that you are able to make some great things this season?

Yes, of course, I believe in our team, our coach and my teammates. We have a brand new team and we are doing great things from the time since we have been together. Our goal is to reach the playoffs.”

Is the league stronger or weaker compared to the last season?

In my opinion, this season the league is stronger than the last one. We have to play a good volleyball against all the teams. We can’t underestimate any team. There were some unexpected results so far and there are no favorites.”

What is your goal for this season?

My first goal is to keep my level until the end of December when we have the first break. After that, the goal will be to keep my level until the playoffs…”

If you continue like this, do you think that you will get a call for international duty and the World Championship 2018?

Who knows? I would like to be a part of the national team. It is the best thing that you can achieve, to play for your country and your flag. One thing is sure, I will be ready if Julio Velasco calls me. If not, I will continue doing my best in the clubs.”

What is your message for the young volleyball players?

Never stop dreaming, even when the things go wrong, that`s the life of a professional player. You have good and bad moments and the key is to be stronger in the bad ones,” says Pereyra for WorldofVolley.


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