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07. 12. 2017

Nikolay Uchikov for WoV – " After all, I feel good and very happy"

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Nikolay Uchikov, who became one of the most popular volleyball stars in Argentina, after he parted ways with UPCN Voley, is in Bulgaria and enjoy with his family.


From 2014 until now Nikolay scored 1923 points in the jersey of UPCN Voley and with them won two titles (2015, 2016), one ACLAV Cup (2015), one South American Championship (2015) and two Master Cups (2014, 2017).

In 2014/2015 he was the top scorer of the season, while in 2015/2016, he was the best opposite, best foreign player, top scorer of the season and MVP of the finals.

After four seasons which he spent in UPCN, he said goodbye.

How do you feel after all happened with UPCN?

"Honestly, I feel good and very happy".

Can you tell us what the reason for the termination the contract was?

"The reason I left is that there have been divergences in how and what we have to play".

O.K. we understand, but can you describe us your four seasons in UPCN and Argentina in general?

"Overall, my stay in Argentina was fantastic. Argentina is a beautiful place; they have a good people and the best steak on earth!"

Will you miss the Argentine volleyball fans?

"I will definitely miss them all. The temperament and emotion are the things that I will remember from them".

Now you are the free player where you would like to continue your career?

"Now I'm at home and who knows where the adventure will take me, I'm curious to find out!!!"

Before you find a new club, what are you going to do?

"It's December, so I'll be preparing for Christmas and a New Year. And I trust and wish everyone to spend it with love" said Nikolay at the end of the interview for WorldofVolley.


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