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31. 12. 2017

NEW YEAR’S INTERVIEW: Tatyana Kosheleva – “I’m glad this year is over”

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Tatyana Kosheleva. This name means a lot to the volleyball world. Her words have weight. She is not only the Russian star, she is world star!


Ladies and gents, Kosheleva is here with us! Let’s see what she has to tell about 2017 regarding her career and personal life!

Are you satisfied with your performances in 2017?

The year 2017 was difficult for me, I gained a great and important experience, but I'm glad that this year ends,” says Kosheleva at the beginning of the interview.

What was the main reason for staying in Turkey?

I stayed in Turkey because I think that here is the strongest championship in the world.”

Do you think that Galatasaray is able to join the race for the title with Vakifbank, Fenerbahce and Eczacibasi?

I am playing in Galatasaray and I think this team is a contender for medals in all tournaments! I will do everything to make this season successful for this club!”

What are the main differences between Turkish and Russian league?

The main difference between the Turkish and Russian leagues in the number of flights. Russia is a very big country and if the most distant trip in Turkey is Canakkale by bus and lasts for 6 hours, then in Russia you will fly to Sakhalin Island for 9 hours.”


The season with the national team was not at the high level as the Russian fans got used to. What you and your teammates need to do to make better 2018?

This season in the national team was bad for us, I was very upset! The reasons are many and they are now being determined by the Russian Volleyball Federation. All of us are waiting for the appointment of a new head coach, this will depend on the success of the national team!

How do you spend your free time in Istanbul?

I really love Istanbul because of its sun, warm weather and beauty! I spend a lot of time with my husband and we are trying to explore this city better.”

What are your wishes for 2018?

My main desire is to become better, stronger and learn new things this year! I wish myself and my team to win more titles!”

What would be your message for young volleyball players?

“All young players need to have more faith, and to believe in themselves and their dreams! Volleyball offers many opportunities, you need to love it and enjoy every moment on the court,” says Kosheleva for the end of the interview for WorldofVolley.


Stay tuned, there are more new year's Interviews coming!

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