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16. 03. 2018

Ceren Kestirengoz for WoV – “If I was not a volleyball player, I would become a lawyer”

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Her team Beylikdüzü secured their spot in the best Turkish league for season 2018/2019 and she is partly responsible for that. Her name is Ceren Kestirengöz.


WoV have talked with the talented Ceren about the current season, plans and the future.

Your team has finished in the 9th place of the Turkish domestic league. Do you think that Beylikdüzü could have done it better?

Absolutely, there is always a better way. I think we could have finished really in a better position. We lost a lot of 3-2 games against our opponents and we missed to play play-offs with just one point. So, if we could win some of these 3-2 games, we could have finished in the 7th or 8th place. But anyway, I think it was also really good job what we did. It was the first year of Beylikdüzü in Sultanlar League, and with very good fighting we stayed in the challenge.”

You fought to avoid relegation – and Beylikdüzü have managed to stay in the league for another season.

Yes, we played 5 games until now, and we won all of them. According to these results, Beylikdüzü is going to stay in the league for another season. It seems clear that we didn’t deserve to play in play-out and I think we showed this fact to everybody with our games. These results are kind of our proofs.”

How would you rate your performances so far in 2017/2018?

I am 25 years old and I am hungry to learn. Each season I am trying to add something new to myself. So, this year I feel very fortunate to work with a coach like Mehmet Bedestenlioğlu who is trying to teach me always how to be better mentally and physically. I like to take responsibility and with the trust of my coach and my teammates, this year I felt stronger and better in the games while fulfilling my responsibilities.”

Check out the STATS of Ceren in this season as well as the previous seasons.

Since we are approaching the end of the season, what are your plans for the future?

First, I want to finish this season with the best we can do and then we will talk about the future with my manager Tunç Afşar. As I did until this year, I want to be a part of a team in which I can improve myself and stand against new challenges.”

You’ve never played outside the country – would you like to play in some other country?

Yes, even Sultanlar League is one of the best league in the world where the best players are playing, I would like to play in some other country as well. As I mentioned above, in order to improve myself by standing against new challenges, being foreigner in one other country can be the best option. I believe that it’s a really big experience for a player and can teach a lot of things. If I have such an offer one day, I would like to think about it.”

Do you plan to return in Vakifbank one day?

Vakıfbank is one of the best clubs in the world and I started to play volleyball there in 2003, that’s why I feel like it’s my hometown. So, if there is a chance to play there again, it can be a good option for me.”

If you were not a volleyball player, what would you be?

Sports was always in my life but at the same time, I gave great importance to my education. I graduated from Saint-Joseph French high school. If I were not a volleyball player, I could study law in France and again in order to be a part of the sports which I love, I could focus on sports law” said in the interview for WorldofVolley, Ceren Kestirengöz.


Read what Meril Durul said to our website, and also enjoy the interview with Jana Kulan and Kubra Akman Caliskan


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