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02. 04. 2018

Zoran Terzic for WoV: „Dinamo Moscow have their chances in the final“

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For the 14th consecutive time, Dinamo Moscow will play the final of the Russian Superleague and as we already mentioned, they will face Dinamo Kazan for the seventh time.


In previous seasons, Dinamo Kazan won five titles while last season, Dinamo Moscow lifted the trophy. In the 2017/2018, both teams showed they deserve the title.

We asked Zoran Terzić, coach of the titleholders, what does he expect in the final of the Russian championship?

During the season, Kazan showed they are the favorites to win the title in Russia, but now with the injuries they have on their team, the chances are 50-50,” said Terzic at the beginning of the interview to WorldofVolley and continued:

Dinamo did not manage to fulfill the agreement that we had at the beginning of the season - to bring one or two foreigners to the team. That disturbed us a bit, but we managed to get to the final. Now, we have a chance and we will do everything to get the title.”

Do you have the pressure to win the title, knowing that Dinamo Moscow is the most successful club in Russia?

Incredible, but no. I personally expected it because Dinamo is a team that is accustomed to finishing the season with a trophy, whether it's Cup or Superleague. It's interesting that everybody is talking about how the team will look next season not how to finish this season with the title”.

Dinamo Kazan with and without Elitsa Vasileva?

Vasileva is a player who meant a lot to Kazan, at least in the period when she played for the team. However, we saw a couple of players who can play on a similar level like her. For example, outside hitter Anna Kotikovawho is considered the largest talent in Russia, as well as the opposite Daria Malygina! It was easier with Vasileva, especially in the first attack and the reception, but Kazan based their game on the service and the block. These are their strongest elements, and they are very strong in them even without Vasileva. So the question is, are they really weaker without her?” 

Since the 2008/2009 season, when this system of competition started, Moscow played in all finals and lost five titles from Dinamo Kazan. Nevertheless, last year they won. Will that be a recipe for this year?

"I do not know how much did you watch last year, but Kazan have had three matches "finished" but in the end, they were defeated. In some matches, Dinamo Moscow managed to win the sets in which Kazan led 19:10. A strange final series but it certainly left mark on Kazan, who for sure still think about it. If the result is close, if we fight for each point, if we play the uncertain matches, especially if we play long matches, then our chances grow.”


Nataliya Goncharova plays very well this season, are you satisfied with her and do you expect that some other player "explode" as well in the final?

“I am very satisfied with Goncharova, not only with her play but also with her behavior at training; the way she is practicing. We all usually expect that such players are spoiled, that they don’t have to train, especially because Dinamo is known for her, but I am pleasantly surprised. She's a real professional. She works great and with full power. However, if we want to win against Kazan, at least one more player will have to play better because one player cannot do it alone. In most cases, she is the best scorer of the team, but we can see middle blockers, who are important to us, and the attackers, have won a large number of points. We need two or three of these players in order to beat Dinamo Kazan”  said the Serbian coach.


To see complete results, stats, and standings, visit our RUS National championship 2017/2018 (Female) page.


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