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Philippines Superliga W: Marta Drpa reinforced Cocolife

It's Philippine Superliga not PVL. That's a weaker league in the philippines. Like division 2 for most countries. PSL is like division 1. Reply

Are Fenerbahce really interested in the new rising star of China?

Re: @Ni Siao any league that desires only one team to become unbeatable like Volero Zurich situation Switzerland should know it will only lead to its own stagnation. Vakifbank is already too strong and even if they aren't that strong, Li Yingying is not the rightful player for them. They need an outside hitter to replace Gozde after her retirement and unfortunate fact is Turkey doesn't have that many OHs as strong as Gozde. They would probably need to buy players like Gabi, Bricio or extend Robinson as an OH.

Are Fenerbahce really interested in the new rising star of China?

There are several prospect young female volleyball players in the world. Paola Egonu (Novara), Isabelle Haak (Scandicci), Melissa Vargas (Dinamo Moscow), Li Yingying (Tianjin),
Ebrar Karakurt (Vakifbank)..Right now nobody knows who will be super star like Zhu Ting, Kyk & Boskovici. Reply