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NED National Championship 2017/2018

Country: Netherlands
Sex: Male
Age: Seniors

Regular Season /

Team Points Pts Matches Sets Points Set Ratio Point Ratio
Played Won Lost Won Lost Won Lost
1 Abiant Lycurgus GRONINGEN 39 14 14 0 42 9 1237 1001 4.67 1.24
2 Seesing Personeel Orion DOETINCHEM / FirmX Orion DOETINCHEM / Langhenkel DOETINCHEM 33 14 11 3 37 15 1212 1067 2.47 1.14
3 SV Draisma Dynamo APELDOORN Piet Zoomers APELDOORN 27 13 9 4 33 17 1146 1035 1.94 1.11
4 Advisie-SSS Skylift-SSS 27 15 9 6 30 26 1254 1177 1.15 1.07
5 SV Land Taurus Kootfin Taurus 23 14 8 6 28 26 1198 1164 1.08 1.03
6 Talent Team Papendal Arnhem 18 14 7 7 26 29 1183 1261 0.9 0.94
7 VC Zwolle Landstede Volleybal ZWOLLE / Remote IT ZWOLLE 12 14 4 10 18 34 1084 1203 0.53 0.9
8 Inter Rijswijk 12 14 3 11 18 35 1103 1219 0.51 0.9
9 Zaanstad 11 14 3 11 17 35 1100 1202 0.49 0.92
10 Vallei Volleybal Prins Prins-VCV 8 14 2 12 15 38 1050 1238 0.39 0.85


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Andrija Geric
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Mihajlo Mitić


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Sir Safety Conad PERUGIA
Ekaterina Gamova Mukasey
BERLIN Recycling Volleys SCC BERLIN
Brankica Mihajlović
Tijana Bošković
Farhad Ghaemi
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1650 Claimed
39575 Players
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Latest comments

Zaytsev to join Milano in the summer? Club president: “We must carefully evaluate the pros and cons”

Re: @dee jae69
Have you watch or seen the statistics of the final of Champions League?
Ivan Zaytsev with 14 pts 11 spikes(60% kill with only one fault)
Atanasijevic with only 9 pts 6 kills(32% 4 faults)

Let's get rid of Zaytsev. Just funny. lol Reply

Zaytsev to join Milano in the summer? Club president: “We must carefully evaluate the pros and cons”

Re: @dee jae69 Check their wins. How many gold medals they have with Leon? How many gold medals they achieved without him? Zenit Kazan will be in bit trouble against the other heavyweights in Russia and Europe. With him on your side they dominated everyone besides Sada Cruzeiro until last year.
Anderson is getting old. He is very mediocre nowadays. He is not important to Zenit Kazan anymore. Only his serve is good. Mikhailov will soon be at his thirties. Poletaev may be good but he needs to prove himself in another club while Mikhailov still reigns supreme as Russia's best opposite.

Atanasijevic's contract will end this year. Same as Zaytsev. One of them will leave if Wilfredo Leon signs a contract with Perugia
Atanasijevic should leave. He chokes in crucial moments. I'd rather have Zaytsev who plays with all his heart, a more reliable player in the end game and a complete player with all the skills in the world a player could ask for. He is also a better team player.

Zaytsev to join Milano in the summer? Club president: “We must carefully evaluate the pros and cons”

Re: @duh
yes when mikayhlov was injured, the young poletaev played for zenit during the russian championship the setter is grbic and the mvp is anderson. i followed zenit kazan. i know their history. what i mean is that zenit kazan can still dominate even without leon. even leon was named most of kazan MVP the club can still be a force to be reckoned with, without him.

Sirci is dreaming winning CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and put PERUGIA in WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS stage like LUBE does to attract more SPONSORSHIPS and INVESTMENT. SIRCI thought HIRING Ivan Zaytsev can bring PERUGIA, Champions League Trophy and a Ticket to World Club Championships.

Sirci don't think about that. he is dreaming of LEON so no matter what IVAN has to leave. Russell and Atanasijevis contract until 2019 so the only player he need to release is IVAN. Reply