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10. 06. 2015

VINTAGE VOLLEYBALL: Headshot that hurts even after 11 years (VIDEO)

Source: Volleyball

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Volleyball tournament at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens (Greece) was amazing, with so many breathtaking games, actions, but also unusual moments.

One of those occured in the women’s match for the bronze medal between Brazil and Cuba.

The Brazilian receiver Ana Chagas, also known as Bia, spiked with a lot of strength and hit Cuban Marta Sánchez directly into the face. It was painful, for sure. Although she didn’t hit the rival on purpose, she didn’t apologize to her which is common gesture in situations like these.

The Brazilian player ended her professional career in 2009. Among other clubs, she was the member of Fenerbahçe and Osasco. Sánchez was active in the previous season while playing for Romanian București.

By the way, Cuba won bronze while China beat Russia in the final. To prove how great volleyball tournament at the 2004 Olympics was, we’ll remind you that 5 out of 8 matches in the elimination phase ended after the tie-break.


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