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30. 11. 2016

VINTAGE VOLLEYBALL: 180-degree spike was born 50 years ago! (VIDEO)


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Nowadays, volleyball has become atomic sport with a lot of athleticism being used, high spike touches, high jumps, powerful kills, incredible defense play…

Volleyball, Denys Arcand, Office national du film du Canada


But, many years and decades had to pass since this way of playing volleyball began to live. This short documentary, filmed in October 1965, shows Men’s Volleyball match between the USA and Soviet Union Olympic teams, played in Montreal, Canada. It is one of the first films made by the famous Canadian filmmaker Denys Arcand, a four-time Academy Award (Oscar’s) nominee.

Interestingly, in this video you will see contours of some of today’s most spectacular moves, like 180-degree spikes (02:17 on video), setting feints, second ball hits, 2nd tempo… as well as some forgotten hits like the underhand serve!


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