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06. 12. 2016

VINTAGE VOLLEYBALL: This Pole was making supersonic kills decades before Ngapeth & Co.! (VIDEO)


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Receiver Zbigniew Zieliński, one of the best male players in the history of Polish volleyball, paved the way of today’s brutal kills!


A video posted by Voleyvideo (@voleyvideo) onDec 3, 2016 at 8:47am PST


While playing in France for Paris Coubertin in the ‘90s, Zieliński gave the meaning to the term volleyball slam-dunk. He played this attack, which resembles to quick attack, so good that the ball bounced nearly to the roof! We wonder why teams don't use this attack, when receiver attacks behind middle blocker, more often today. Could you even image that amount of power if Earvin NgapetWilfredo León or some other heavenly jumper of world volleyball would do it!

On a club level, Zieliński was one-time CEV Cup winner (first Pole to take this trophy) with German Moerser S.C. in 1990 and three-time Polish Men’s Championship bronze medalist (two-time with Resovia Rzeszówin 1987 and 1988 and one-time with Skra Bełchatówin 2002), while with the national team of Poland (217 official caps) he became silver medalist at the 1983 CEV European Championship, not being able to compete at 1984 Los Angeles Olympics due to boycott of Eastern Bloc countries.


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