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27. 12. 2016

VINTAGE VOLLEYBALL: Why’s '83 important? World attendance record & strangest serve ever! (VIDEO)

Source: grangeiro

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The idea of playing volleyball match at the football stadium was not born in Poland…

Polish Volleyball Federation organized 2014 FIVB Men’s World Championship opening at the “National Stadium” in Warsaw, where over 62,000 spectators watched Poland – Serbia game (3-0). It is the official attendance record in the volleyball World Championship but not in volleyball in general.

At the famous football stadium “Maracanã” in Rio de Janeiro (now “Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho”), Brazil hosted Soviet Union in a friendly match in front of record 95,887 spectators, in 1983! And won by a 3-1.

This match was marked not only by the number of spectators but by the unseen serve method until then, performed by the Brazilians. In order to confuse the Russians, they served in such a way that, prior to landing on the Russian side of the field, a ball flew as high as possible! Take a look at 0:39 on the second video…


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