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09. 05. 2012 | Warsaw, Poland | Views: 928

Source: cev.lu

POL W: A movie inspired by the late Agata Mroz-Olszewska

Agata Mroz-Olszewska, probably one of the most talented Volleyball players of the past decade, passed away some 4 years ago but her legacy is still alive. A double European champion with Poland’s national team in 2003 and 2005, as well as winner of Poland’s and Spain’s national league for the likes of Stal BIELSKO-BIALA and Grupo 2002 MURCIA respectively, Mroz stopped playing in 2007 after she was diagnosed with marrow Myelodysplatic syndrome.


After retiring from competitive Volleyball, Mroz got married to Jacek Olszewski and in January 2008 announced the couple was expecting their first child.

Daughter Liliana was born four months later and in May 2008 Mroz underwent a surgery for marrow transplant.

She died of an infection fourteen days after that surgery, aged 26. Her story has inspired a movie, „Nad zycie”, that recalls her unique personality, in and also off the Volleyball court, thereby celebrating a great Volleyball player, a lovely wife and caring mom who will be always remembered for her lively attitude and her heroic fight for recovery. 

Actress Olga Boladz is portraying Agata Mroz with Michal Zebrowski as her main partner, with the movie having already successfully premiered in Poland.

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