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31. 05. 2012

FW: Heroes

Source: Inside Volley

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FIVB Heroes is a crucial part of the FIVB’s new marketing approach, which also includes a comprehensive brand relaunch that aims to raise the profile of athletes and FIVB events through innovative communication and PR activities. The messages are short and snappy: “It’s not how big you are, it’s how big you play,” say the USA’s Olympic and former world champions Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser. “Raise your expectations,” adds Brazil’s Maria Clara Salgado, owner of the fastest serve on the women’s FIVB Swatch World Tour.


In all there were 29 beach volleyball “heroes” from  six nations on hand to help with the launch at the Foro Italico. Representing volleyball another 13 women and 15 men from a total of 16 countries were introduced to the public in their new “Hero” roles at the beginning of July at the World League Finals in Gdansk, and they will also appear at the World Grand Prix Finals in Macau. Thirty-second trailers will be available to watch at tournaments and on television, and awareness is also being raised at and on Facebook.

The man behind this stunning new campaign is FIVB Executive Vice-President andTreasurer André Meyer. “We couldn’t have asked for a better venue to launch the campaign than Rome, a place full of symbolism and history,” he said. “We have undertaken a significant and crucial step in the repositioning of the FIVB and the sport of volleyball but this is only the beginning. Now the implementation will start: we want to be positioning volleyball and beach volleyball as highly athletic and highly professional disciplines, played around the globe and backed by a strong brand".

"The second launch held in Gdansk was equally successful and proved that the FIVB is moving in the right direction with the full support of the national federations and the athletes, with global interest coming from the media.”

The selection procedure is as rigorous as you would expect – only those with eye-catching charisma who act as role models for future generations are considered for membership of this exclusive club. Other factors brought into consideration are the
competition statistics from recent years, tournament wins and ranking points. Only those who score highly enough in all of these categories earn the title of “FIVB Hero”.

In Rome two giant statues of double Olympic champion Kerri Walsh and double world champion Emanuel Rego, made from polystyrene and plastic, each measuring five metres high and weighing 330kg, were on display at Foro Italico to mark the
launch while in Gdansk 20,000 postcards were distributed and giant-sized billboards dominated the
outside of the Ergo Arena, impressing upon many the immense scale of such a project.

Over the course of the next year giant statues of volleyball and beach volleyball Heroes will make special appearances at a tournament near you before again being on display to millions at the Olympic Games in London where the FIVB expects its
Heroes” campaign to reach its climax.

If Starovic is a hero, how come Miljkovic isn't one as well ? If Rouzier is a heroe, how is it possible for Nikolov not to be one ?
And what about Tille when neither Verbov, Henno or Sergio are in the list !

How can someone be stupid enough to write that these are the players "with eye-catching charisma who act as role models for future generations", when Nikola Grbic is not among them ?

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Male volleyball coach of the Year

Best coach of 2016 (male)

Nikola Grbic (SRB)

Bernardo Rezende (BRA)

Marcelo Mendez (ARG)



Female volleyball coach of the Year

Best coach of 2016 (female)

Lang Ping (CHN)

Ze Roberto (BRA)

Giovanni Guidetti (ITA)


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please see this news:

stoychev will travel to Iran next sunday. Reply

ITA M: Piacenza in trouble, spectacle in Perugia

i couldnt agree with you more. And i have been very curious about Ishikawa's transfer and why he hasn't started or featured in the team until yesterday. He is a great prospect and wouldn't have played for a big club like Modena if they didn't think he was that good.
To say he has to prove himself as a starter at club level is true but he is definitely overrated. to be voted best outside spiker at a major tournament like the World Cup is no fluke.
am a big fan of his and would definitely love to know what the manageament of latina isn't seeing in him that he hasn't featured more. That's what i think Reply

ITA M: Piacenza in trouble, spectacle in Perugia

I'm just questioning the 'overhype' about Ishikawa on this website. It makes no sense to me. Since the newsflash about his new contract, until now, already several weeks, maybe a month or longer present in Latina and still nowhere close to the starting-six. According to WoV was he going to be a player in the starting-six of the team in favor of Klinkenberg, and I know that Ishikawa was not in the team from the beginning but by now -according to how much attention he receives by the media- should he have been playing in the starting-six at least once. That's just how I think.

And about Latina's results I'm not that much interested about they're now 11th but I still see a possibility for them becoming 8th, that they lost that much by now is not suprising to me, there are teams that you could consider as being 'out of reach' and against the rest that are more or less equaly strong they win sometimes and lose sometimes, even then you can't expect them to win all the time, I just have a problem with the popularity of one player in the team who still has to prove himself in my eyes. Reply


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