04. 05. 2018

Natalia Zilio for WoV: „I will not play two or three months due for my recovery“

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Olympic gold medalists from 2012, Natalia Zilio Pereira finished her second season in Fenerbahce and now she needs some time to recover from the injury so that she can fight for some new medals.


Natalia Zilio Pereira is for sure one of the most important players of the Brazilian National team but unfortunately, she will miss the first part of the preparation as well the FIVB Volleyball Nations League.

We heard that you are in Brazil and have some recovering treatments?

"Yes, I cam to Brazil because as you already know I will play in Minas next season. I need to stop between two and three months for my recovery so  I will not play in VNL. My goal for this summer is to be ready to play at the World Championship in Japan" said Natalia who seriously working on her recovery. Here you can check her stats from the previous two seasons.

And can you tell us what was the reason why you returned to Brazilian Superliga and you didn't stay in Europe or somewhere else?

"Last season was really hard for me! And Minas offered to me the best option to recover and come back to play at high level, as I played in Fenerbahce in the first season! At home, I feel more comfortable to do everything! I have my family, my friends here, and this is really important for me at this moment! Also, Minas is one of the most traditional teams in Brazil. I’m really happy to wear this jersey!

And what the doctors said about your injury?

What I have is Tendinosis. It means or sometimes called chronic tendonitis, chronic tendinopathy, or chronic tendon injury, is damage to a tendon at a cellular level! So I need time to get better!" explained Brazilian star for WoV.


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1 Comments about "Natalia Zilio for WoV: „I will not play two or three months due for my recovery“"

04.05.2018 | 16:56 |   ST [unregistered]

Have a speedy recovery! Was really nice seeing you play along side Nootsara and Kim in your first season with Fenerbache. And second with Sara, but your time was limited due to your health and you couldn't show your full potential either. I really liked the trio of you three. Maybe one day that can happen again? lol

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