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12. 03. 2017

Transfers 2016/2017

ITA W: Montichiari seek salvation with Lithuanian newcomer

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Italian Women’s volleyball Serie A1 member Metalleghe Montichiari hired a last-minute reinforcement.


Experienced Lithuanian receiver Valdonė Petrauskaitė joined the team from Brescia after spending few days on tryout.

A 32-year-old player is familiar with Italian league since she has been wearing jerseys of three clubs from this country during her career: Obiettivo Risarcimento Vicenza (2006/2007), Fenera Chieri (2008/2009) and Zeta System Urbino (2009-2011).

Petrauskaitė came from Romanian side CSM Târgoviște and was brought to help Montichiari avoid relegation to Division 2.


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