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10. 04. 2017

Transfers 2017/2018

ITA M: Nimir Abdelaziz confirms - "I can't wait to join Milano"


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One of the top scorers of the French volleyball league Nimir Abdelaziz has confirmed for a Poitiers' website that he is going to play in Italy next season.


Without Poitiers, I would still be an ordinary player. They believed in me, without them, I would not have been able to return to Italy. There I played two years as the second setter in a team. I will go back now much stronger and I'll be playing as an attacker. Milan is an ambitious club. Andrea Giani is a coach and I can’t wait to be there,” says Abdelaziz.

Poitiers now has to find a replacement for Dutch attacker. The first signing of the team would be a receiver, Baptiste Geiler. The official website of the team also adds that Jan Zimmerman, a setter of United Volleys Rhein/Main, is close to sign a contract.

Three out of six players from the starting line-up are probably going to stay. Frederic Barais and Novica Bjelica are going to extend the contracts. Andri Aganits is still considering the contract renewal offer.


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1 Comments about "ITA M: Nimir Abdelaziz confirms - "I can't wait to join Milano""

10.04.2017 | 17:57 |   Expert [unregistered]

He was setter,than he played half season in Fra,not good,and now he will play Italy A1?!?!

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10.04.2017 | 18:08 |   Bro [unregistered]

Re: @Expert he played very good in France, being three scorers in.the league

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