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15.01 19:00 Enea PTPS Piła ( W ) PGNiG Nafta PILA - PTPS PILA ( W ) / Nafta-Gaz PILA ( W ) KS Developres SkyRes RZESZOW (W) 1 3 25 23 25 23 21 25 16 25
14.01 13:00 Team Køge Volley ( W ) Elite Volley Aarhus ( W ) 1 3 25 23 25 23 21 25 18 25
14.01 17:00 Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI ( W ) Saugella Team MONZA ( W ) 3 1 16 25 25 21 25 23 25 20



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JAPAN VS. THAILAND: Did referee make mistake when he decided not to call this? (VIDEO)

Re: @Peter
Peter, you say that the Japanese remained calm and respectful. How hard is it to remain calm and respectful when all of your substitutions are granted? If you're the volleyball expert, please tell us all why the Thai substitutions were denied, especially when there is a rule in place that accounts for technical issues w/ the tablets. Under that rule, if there is a malfunction with the tablets/technology, the Thai substitutions should have been allowed to proceed under the 'old' system. The manual system where the player reports to the sideline and notifies the scorer's table they are substituting and the number of the jersey of the player they will replace.
When this wasn't allowed, was the Thai coach supposed to just continue with the team he had on the floor? He would not be able to get back to his best back row/front row lineup for an entire rotation. How big of a lead is 5 points @ 12-7 when the two teams are obviously very evenly matched, AND the Thai team was not allowed to put their best combination on the floor? I believe that if Japan was denied a substitution FOR ANY REASON, 3 points from winning the match, their coach would have argued with the referee as well, until he received an explanation. If he didn't, then he is not a coach i would want to play for.
Considering the circumstances, and lack of explanation that the Thai coach received AND the yellow card, and red cards AND points that were penalized, i thought the Thai coach kept his composure very well.
I believe the two referees are responsible for this entire controversy. The Second Referee should have made sure that the Head Referee understood what the problem was with the Thai substitutions. The head referee then should have mandated the manual substitution process be used, and in this particular situation, should have given every opportunity for the Thai coach to make his substitutions before he penalized them with points. He should have communicated better with his partner referee and this likely would not have happened. I believe this is the reason that FIVB has never made an announcement explaining the referee's rulings. If the referees were not in error, FIVB would have explained what happened in detail, and not published their report that simply blamed the Thai coach and team for basically choking.
I would like to see any more recent FIVB announcements regarding this match. Reply

Choose the best players of 2017! (POLL)

Zhu Ting best outside hitter and best player of the century.
Melina Rasic the best middle blocker Reply